2021-09-06 Game Tracker - Edmonton Elks vs. Calgary Stampeders (6153)

Edmonton Elks

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Go Stamps !

Is this even a rivalry anymore with the Eskimos changing their name to "Elks"?

Of course it is. It's the same organization. What's in a name?

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Ooooo OK just checking

Would you think less of your LD rival if they changed their name?

There's no need. Unless the Bombers or Riders become politically incorrect I suppose

but that did not answer my question

Hey if Ottawa wants to name their team after a novelty condom they can have Roughriders and Sask can change. :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm sure that 100 years ago Roughriders was a really cool name with the kids. Today, not so much. It's just that changing the name would be kinda like changing the Habs' logo from a big C into a big M. You'd have a whole province freaking out.


:laughing: :+1:

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Hey that's an idea. Land a huge sponsorship from the Internation Condom Consortium and Voila... we'd have The 'Condom Football League'.

Toronto would go from the 'Argonauts' to the 'Trojans'. The 'Lions' would become the 'Latex' while the 'Rough Riders' would stay exactly the same. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :+1:

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:open_mouth: Not the Winnipeg Blue Ballers??!!


Ouch. :grin:

Jake Maier will get his 3rd straight start

How can they rightfully call it the Labour Day classic when it is not on Labour Day?

Don't you mean LDWC :smiley:

Called that because traditionally it is always the best game of the weekend

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…just so we’re clear here, my darling wife, who doesn’t give a hoot about pro sports walked into the room and asked ‘who’s playing?’ And I told her and she said ‘so this is their copy version of the Labour Day game?’…

This time against a capable Noel Thorpe defence.....

calling it the best game of the weekend is pretty subjective

Yes it is is it not,