2021-09-05 Game Tracker - Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders (6151)

Goose egg that is

The Riders record this year does not reflect how they've played. Today is showing this.

Don't know what's wrong with Fajardo today. He's just been off.

D has been awesome, but they've been on the field way too long

And cue the INT

They’ve looked good this year. This game has been a bad one for the offence. You obviously did not watch the first 3 games

Defense/Defence. Wins. Championships.

WTF was Andrew Harris doing when he walked up to Sara Orlesky after his last run? Ask her for a date?

I don't think I've ever seen the command center on.their own review off side before

I have, in fact, watched all the games. Riders should have lost the 1st one. The D got torched in that one.

They've played 1 really good game, 2 really bad ones (week 1 and this one), and one fairly good.

I agree, though, that this one is the worst showing by the offense. D has been strong today, but the offense needs to sustain a drive to give them a breather

Fajardo is playing a complete defence today. Steady pressure in his face and the Bomber DB's are getting to the bad throws before his receivers can bail him out.

That and Fajardo's gonna need all week to recover from the bashing he's taken today.

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Given the way the officiating crew has been today, hard to blame the booth for checking everything twice

To be clear the riders lost today because of a flat offense

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Defending Champions doing Defending Champion Things!!


Took Collaros awhile but appears he's over his 1st half Mosaic Stadium heebie-jeebies - so it appears are the bombers.
Bombers saved by lots of Rider penalties. Worst and most hapless bomber is their returner Prince Rogers Nelson. Basically a zero or 5 yd punt returner. On kickoffs Nelson is a tad better 7 to 12 yds. He'll be replaced once Kyle Walters finds a speedster w/ hands out of NFL cuts.
Nelson has 2 good hands - 2 bad legs!!!

No doubt. Riders were the authors of their own loss today.

But the stripes have been bad. They've blown a lot of calls both ways.

More like a flat Fajardo. He's been on his back..... (stops there before he gets in trouble.)

He might get fined by the team. Appears he touched Sara O on the knee. Thats verboten. Sara did everything she could to refuse acknowledging Harris's presence!

I disagree. The Bombers weren't "saved" by anything. They've been the far better team today.

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Once Again...Defending Champions Doing Defending Champion Things!

Both teams were heavily penalized. Bombers started taking over the game late in the 3rd quarter and Riders have been on their heels every since!

Not just cody a few relievers dropped balls they should have had . The entire offense came out flat