2021-09-05 Game Tracker - Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders (6151)

You are good stuff. Come over to the greenandwhite. You'll have more fun

But I like consistent winning and home playoff games almost every year

I was there in 2019 and it was really fun same thing this year bud

To listen to the tsn crew no point watching the game as tge bombers have been proclaimed the better team already lol

Need some better balance on this crew


Looks like a sell out in Regina.

So there is the Labour (I hope I spelled this right) Day match up and the "Banjo Bowl" Match up between these teams every year? Do I have that right?

You got it.

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Well that should be a fine!

The league MUST step In ..... asom2onw MUST be fired for that call

Looks like it was overturned.

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Good it was overturned but some one has to answer for that call

Nornally you get an apology mid week around Wednesday. They've called/missed worse.

That call was an embarrassment to the cfl …. Call it an illegal block or a low hit but calling that roughing the kicker after discussion on the field ensures that call is going to make you tube in someone’s worst calls in sports top 10 list.

Not suggesting it was intentional but it clearly points to a serious skills issue on that team …..

Riders are lucky to be in this. Fajardo just doesn't have his head in the game. He's got happy feet and it shows on the longer balls.

If he struggles to start the 3rd, I'd pull him for a series to let him see what's going on out there.

The officials need to stop watching the cheerleaders and start watching the game. There was way more than one obvious blown call out there. At least they're missing both ways, but gawd this crew is an embarrassment to the league.

Harris is a BEAST!

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It will be an expensive week for the Riders. A very expensive week....

The riders d is playing good but are getting tired ....the offense is completely flat. Odds of the winning are slim unless they wake up and fast

This one's over ... good defensive battle but riders offense laid a good egg today.