2021-09-05 Game Tracker - Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders (6151)

Winnipeg Blue Bombers

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This game between the Winnipeg Blue Bombers versus the hometown Riders, is the marquee match-up for Week 5 Labour Day weekend. The undefeated Riders are favored by 5 points and will prevail with the victory. The fact that the Bombers have eliminated the Riders in 2019 & 2018 from the playoffs is a huge "Motivating Factor" May the best team win ! :star_struck: :football: :canada: :gem:

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Should be a good one folks, buckle up & enjoy the ride! The 2 best teams in the CFL right now going head to head on LD weekend shouldn't disappoint. Get them giggly pops & snackies lined up. This is why I missed my football so much.


Naaman Roosevelt will not start in the LDC, Nic Demski returns to the lineup instead. Alls good in Bomber Town.

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I'm excited to see Ricardo Louis. Auburn grad who was drafted in the 4th round by the Browns a few years back.

How can they rightfully call it the Labour Day classic when it is not on Labour Day?

Ikr. Just a bunch of wanna be elks and stampeders. Should be a good game tho

Yes it should be very good. Too bad I'll miss most of it

Indeed, a travesty!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Why not call it the Labour Day weekend Classic?

You're right. Screw steroids, CBA and salary issues, ownership troubles and revenue sharing, covid restrictions and travel, and game postponements. None of that matters. What's really important is renaming Saskatchewan and Winnipeg's Labor Day game! How DARE they mislead the public so (and cramp Calgary/Edmonton and Hamilton/Toronto's style)! It's fraud I tell you, grand fraud! Someone needs to get arrested and tossed in jail for this! :+1:


Hey, I'm just trying to correct a wrong. It maybe low on the priority list, but it could be done very easily, so why not just do it.

Big sell out today. Labour Day is always fun

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Poor Mr Stallion. I talked to your stable owner and it turns out that she's a huge tennis fan. Only the US Open will be on in the pasture today. I told her that you really really wanted to watch the Bombers kick the Rough Riders since the Bombers are your FAVORITE team... but she wouldn't budge. Sorry Mr Stallion. I tried. :sneezing_face:


hahaha thanks

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Should be Mrs Tallion

better not be too much fun,,,, better wear masks and avoid food/drink

No sir will be enjoying my time at Mosaic this afternoon

Today's joy can lead to tomorrows regret , a good lesson for all

Actually: It's M. Rstallion