2021-09-03 Game Tracker - Montreal Alouettes vs. Ottawa Redblacks (6150)

Yep there is zero presence or command of the field .

Wow. The Als will probably win this game, but the Redblacks are really bad. Good thing for the Redblacks it is only a 14 game season. They can't lose more than 14 times...

The sound is good like they are there. Are they there? I missed it early on if so.

And yes this is a great thing if Dunigan is finally there. If Milt made it great. If not, stay home and off my screen too for this season please.

Yep they showed him in the booth .

Bad penalty by Hunter.

Can someone tell TD Place Stadium to turn on the lights. That has to be the worst lighting I've ever seen. Looks like they're playing in the dark.

I missed the beginning. Did Marc-Antoine Dequoy start? Did he get hurt because the other Canadian I see on defense is David Menard?

MA Dequoy is injured. Went to the locker room.

Als are letting the Redblacks get back into the game.

holy cow TD RB's whaaaat

That was a solid drive and if I am following Rod Smith correctly, was that the first such drive for that QB Davis in years?

Als have demonstrated this year that they have the ability to make backup QB's look good.

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Gotta say nice pass by Adams on that long TD pass to Lewis. But, the DB was looking in the backfield instead of watching Lewis.

It was ever so slightly under-thrown, Lewis slowed down to let the ball come to him ... but was so wide open it didn't matter ... however, given the pressure VA was under that is not anything I would complain about

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Is it me or does the defence look rather vanilla most plays?
Nothing to challenge the QB's reads.

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Mr Petermann love it again

that's right Elaine it was a fierce Ottawa and Montreal game when I wore that New Jersey with .....

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Hard to be sure but I don't think so

Gotta love Behar ... wanted the Als to go after him when he was a free agent ... but his "second home" was undoubtedly tempting (Carleton grad)

I believe he did trip trying to stop and go back for the pass ... but it didn't look like that was the intent of the play ... pass thrown WELL behind him forced the attempt to turn back.

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