2021-09-03 Game Tracker - Montreal Alouettes vs. Ottawa Redblacks (6150)

Montreal Alouettes

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When will Ottawa Head coach Paul LaPolice announce his starting quarterback for Week 5 versus the Als ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

According to the depth chart the starter is Nichols

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Anyone checked out the game notes posted on CFL.ca for this one?

They're a huge step up from past week.

For example, it lists the all-time record between the two clubs, with Ottawa holding the edge at 98 wins vs 77 losses and 4 ties. I'm assuming those numbers include the Rough Riders and Renegades.

Ottawa has scored the fewest points per game so far this year, but Montreal has given up the most. Will this allow Ottawa to finally put up some points?

Montreal is +9 in sack differential, while Ottawa is -8. That could spell trouble for Nicholls.

Fantastic game notes . Cheers :grinning: Great to see by the CFL .

After seeing those stats in black and white ; I really shouldn't have picked Ottawa LOL .

The 9 attempts and 2 completions over 20 yards says run don't walk . 2nd down conversion is huge compared to Montreal .

But I will stick with a home field either breaking their backs tonight in a chorus of boos or inspiring them on with hopefully a different game plan . :grinning:

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Matty doing the colour tonight . They must have decided to cross over after all .

New uniforms look alright .

Crowd looks small even with the covid restriction .

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Adams too scared to throw the ball or something? He looks like he has no confidence in even trying to throw to Stanback.

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Adams is inaccurate so far. :roll_eyes:

Adams has a chance if the Redblacks DB lose sight of the ball. That is how Adams got the TD.

Exactly. He didn't put the ball in a tight spot. The DB lost the ball.

Ottawa should just leave the special teams out there and see what happens . :grinning:

Why is it that quaterbacks in the CFL are, for the most part, horrifyingly bad at hiding the ball after the snap?

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Adams throws behind a wide open Cunningham. Sigh...

If the Redblacks get another long kick return, Johnny might start a Fire Mickey Donovan thread...

Had Cunningham not fallen.....

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I beleive he fell turning around to try and catch the pass.

Wow Davis in at QB didn't see the open player doing an out pattern alone even Matty should have pointed that out .

Antwi taking advantage of crap tackling

The third back was covering until Davis telegraphed where he was throwing and he had time to get over and get into the play.

Give Geno an Oscar.

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