2021-08-29 Game Tracker - Calgary Stampeders vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (6149)

Calgary Stampeders

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Calgary no doubt. And thats it

This will be a much better indicator of how good the rookie QB is.

Harris is starting. That's gotta be worth another 30 or 40 yards rushing. Bad news for the rookie QB... our defense had a week of game film to zero in on his rookie tendencies. Personally I thought Maier played really well in his CFL debut but he'll have to face a better defence this week that's fully prepped for him.

On the other hand, we COULD get our butts kicked if Colaros is still rusty. He hasn't looked very sharp this season. I hope his brain comes up to game speed before the Stamps run away with it. GO BOMBERS!!! :smiley: :+1:

This is definitely the marquee match-up for Week 4. With the Bombers coming off their first loss to the Argos. The home field at IGF should help provide a raucous atmosphere for the visiting Calgary Stampeders. The keys to this game are total rush yards-Andrew Harris versus Ka'Deem Carey and who wins the turnover battle. Never count out the Stamps in a key divisional game ! :star_struck: :100: :top: :football: :wc: :canada:

Ka'Deem Carey

Go Stamps! Pumped for this game!

I really love Winnipeg's stadium. Best stadium in the CFL IMO.

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Dilemma, It is ABC for Rider fans,(anyone but Calgary) But then we do not want the Bombers to win either. Why does it have to be so complicated.
But really, the Bombers should win this game and will win this game.

So, you have never to a game in SASKATCHEWAN I take it.

Lol, this debate again?! They are both amazing venues in their own right. On par with each other.

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No, I have. I prefer Winnipeg's stadium.

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Calgary loses this one & they're in deep kaka in this short season. Their reign as top dog in the league looks to be history, they can't just show up & win anymore. Good for parity, but Alberta football fans may be in for a hard life this year(not that I'll lose any sleep for them). Winnipeg by 10.

then IF you cannot make a NON PARTISAN comparison just don't

I just said I have been there. Do you not understand simple language? You Rider fans seem entitled to own the opinions of others. Give it a rest.

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just teazin a bomber fan... don
t git tot git yerself to riled, save the banjo pickin for labor day

I'm a Ticat fan.

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even worse

No worse than feeling entitled to others liking your crappy stadium most.

So this thread is ruined before it even started. :roll_eyes: