2021-08-28 Game Tracker - BC Lions vs. Ottawa Redblacks (6148)

BC Lions

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Go RBs

Huge mismatch at QB with Reilly vs the popgun offence of Matt Nichols.

BC is a mediocre team overall but shouldn’t be too difficult for them to win this one.

"Popgun" it's still funny

All those 'expert' media types are picking BC, makes me nervous as hell, just a bad karma thing to see if you're a BC fan.

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Horrible punt

The Hamilton thread last night was full of people lol guess this is the who cares game lmao

Nicols moving the ball well.

Ottawa can stomp em for all I care, Lamar Durant needs a big game I gotta make up fantasy ground

It’s even funnier to remember how Bomber Fan would lose his mind and insist Nichols was a good QB despite the fact his popgun arm doesn’t have the strength to throw beyond 15yds downfield.

Probably the best drive Ottawa has put together this season.

Are they starting to put it together or is the BC D just off to a slow start?

Half and half?

Marshal Ferguson a fresh voice tonight .


Okay, it's time for BC to step this up to the next level.

Theres just something about lions games that just make me sleepy this year.

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Well so far, they keep beating themselves up with easy mistakes.

"C'mon guys, just like we did in practice!" as many a youth coach will say to kids.

So far the action in this game is not much better than last night, so we are waiting on something big to happen.

And you wonder why this is the who cares fart game?

Lol yeah Whitehead with the drop and the holding penalties. Not doing themselves any favours

Hey Paolo our game gets cancelled and were slumming it in ticat and lion threads lmao

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Nice return

Marshall Ferguson may be TSNs best play by play guy.

This is bordering on a professional broadcast by TSN.

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