2021-08-27 Game Tracker - Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Montreal Alouettes (6147)

Hamilton Tiger-Cats

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Hamilton Tiger-Cats

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Of the three games this week, this is the one that I'm most excited to see how it pans out.

Can Hamilton rebound? I think even if they lose, so long as they play well and look like a football team it will go a long way to restoring some faith in Steeltown.

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I agree. A new starting QB could revitalize them into some semblance of the East champions.

On the other hand, Montreal might be even better playing at home.

Can't wait for this one.

I thought it was also due to the return of John "Shoe" Lu of TSN.

Finally, two early games this week.

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Really missed the Thursday night game, & I don't expect Edmonton will play next week either. Bad situation for them, you don't get over Covid in a week, 11 members now infected. This game(back to the topic at hand) will be a bellwether for the Dale Evans fan club, put up or shut-up time.

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We are maybe expecting too much from Dane, if we think he can alone turn around the offence. We need big improvements from both o-line for run production and for pass production, and d-line for stopping Stanback. I have high hopes, but don’t feel confident. Might be a preview of season to come, one way or the other!

Picture perfect weather! :sunny:

Hamilton has looked abysmal so far but they should be able to beat a mediocre QB like Vern Adams.

I'll put my hat in the ring for Montreal in this one

It's Ticat slaying time!

Credit to Ti-Cats ... goof kickoff return ... good drive ... finished it with a TD ... EXACTLY what they needed to do

And the $%$^#$&$#% stupid penalties start again

That was a horrible penalty! :roll_eyes:

My picks are looking good right now

Reinhold's return teams eating the Als lunch ... breakfast and dinner too.

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decision to kick that FG sucks

Wieneke reminds me of a tall lanky Cahoon ... go-to guy when you need a catch.

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Confidence in defence ... lack of fear of Als offence?