2021-08-21 Game Tracker - Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Toronto Argonauts (6144)

Listening to the game on CJOB, the crowd sounds fair-sized, or do they pump extra crowd noise in? Any idea on the size? Curious

Clean hit , clean fumble , clean scoop and score . End of discussion .

Small but enthusiastic, which is not unusual for the Argos.

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That replay looks like an obvious incomplete pass. No complaints at all??? I’m no Argo fan but I’m completely miffed at no conversation at all about this.

They did finally show it. I thought it was close, but not clearly a forward pass attempt.

You can see his hand move forward and the apparent fumble went the same direction. Definition of a forward pass. I think that’s probably the first blown call of the year but I’m just more amazed no one on the broadcast took any notice. Turned such a big play. If the Bombers win by any less than 9 points it’s all on this play. But the Argos are looking good so far.

I thought the hit could've knocked the ball and Arbuckle's arm forward. And of course Arbuckle was selling the forward motion . . . but I'm not sure. The call could've gone either way I figure.

Not even remotely close . Good hit , good fumble , good scoop and score . Nothing to really discuss about it to be honest . Just for the record I am definitely no fan in the remotest sense of either team .

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I guess you got your eyes but it looked like he survived the initial hit just enough to try and throw the ball away and he ended up throwing it forward which is the reason why the ball moved forward and not towards the sideline

Could be. They certainly didn't show a close up slow-mo replay to pinpoint the contact. But I'm OK with that. Keep the flow of the game going.

Lol Adam’s could have taken a nap with all the space he had out there


From a near Pick-6 to surrending a TD.

Been pretty much all Toronto, but some how we're still in this. Finally gave ZC some protection on that last play.

Damn. Can't afford anymore D injuries.

That’s a very weak penalty he looked like he was gonna cut upfield

Doubt there's even 2,000 fans there.

After being Out of bounds?

Lol the one time you want to play prevent defense…

We should have been able to kill the clock the possesion before.

He started trying to hit him while he was still inbounds. It’s close but as a defender I don’t know what he should try and do. Let him try to cut in field and get another 5 yards?