2021-08-21 Game Tracker - Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Toronto Argonauts (6144)

Winnipeg Blue Bombers

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If the Argos intend on competing for first place in the up for grabs East division. They must stick with one quarterback. Nick Arbuckle brings the necessary skill set and will be the starter on Saturday versus the Bombers at BMO field. The Argos have really bolstered their roster on both sides of the ball. The team needs to be able to string consecutive wins together in 2021. If they don't they could possibly be in for another 5 win season. :star_struck: :soon: :sos:

Things that make me go Hmmmmm.

Why would they start this game @ 4PM and go directly against the Bluejays in the wildcard race??
Another blatent attempt by MLSE to undermine the Arrgho attendance or just coincidence?? :roll_eyes:

Kick off in 30 minutes
kind of a sparse crowd! :flushed:

Thumbs down on the decision to pair dark blue shirts with powder blue pants. The combination makes them look like a semipro team in Europe.

'Sparse' is what we're used to in Toronto... what a sec... EVERYTHING'S BACK TO NORMAL AGAIN! WOOOO!!! :boom:

TBH, it doesn't look so bad for an Argos game.

I hope they're all wearing their masks :mask: :rofl: going to be hard to socially distance in a crowd that large . :rofl:

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Yeah. This is Toronto being Toronto. A massively tiny effort. Hugely underwhelming. Stupendously mediocre...

Huh. I honestly wasn't expecting the Argos to get the first touchdown. Or any touchdown for that matter. Curse of Grover not in effect yet. :+1:t2:

At least for now that mediocrity is government mandated. :grinning:

And the Argos are crushing it!

Man, the Argos are taking the Bombers back behind the woodshed in the early going.

Looks like Grover screwed up in reverse . It's early but the Boat Anchors are leading up 10 - 0 with the ball again in scoring territory after a pick from McCoil and so far are dominating this game .

True. They have an excuse for not showing up for now. But you gotta admit Dave, the Argonauts need another 40 or 50 thousand paying fans like you (I'm assuming that you buy the occasional ticket).

Dave doesn't have to pay for tickets. He's a mod at CFL.ca. Practically a celebrity.

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Damn Arbuckle looking really good. It's not terrible coverage out there although the run defense could be better, Arbuckle just being very accurate and really the one pass to Rogers shoulda been caught if Rogers ran his route a bit better.

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Sadly, I think what we see at the game today is about what we'd see even without Covid restrictions. Yeah, we definitely need more fans.

I live in Ottawa, but I try to help out by donating a pair of endzone STs to Kids Up Front.

It's frustrating to see the most sparsely occupied stands as the ones most visible in the broadcast. I'd think there must be some way to address that with re-pricing tickets and/or setting up Argo-themed tarps over certain sections (like C&S used to do at Skydome).

Argh. Was about to type that an Argos performance like today's won't hurt, but hold on.

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Because of the late change it will take a while for my crapness to take effect. :rofl:

That's not a forward pass? TSN not even gonna show a replay? You think that's what you talk about there right? What is that production value?

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Yeah, I was waiting to see the replay. Odd omission.