2021-08-21 Game Tracker - Ottawa Redblacks vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders (6145)

Ottawa Redblacks

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The Riders get a break - Kenneh is a backup this week.

Hoping that the Riders are over confident and Ottawa slams them good ! :grinning:

The Ottawa Redblacks need two things in their favor for Week 3 versus the Riders. If there able to win the turnover battle in addition to keeping the score close entering the 4th quarter, they may be the upset of the week. I am picking the Riders and they should cover the 10.5 betting line ! :three: :heavy_minus_sign: :zero: :wc:

Ugh.......Rider should win this one tonight. The only thing that may mess things up here is



God damn what a catch by Harris

And the Redblacks D swarms again. Looks like they're going to cause trouble for offenses around the league.

Let's see if their offense can step it up.

And OF COURSE the Riders would copy the Stamps and try the flee flicker. And naturally would fail in their imitation

Since when has the Stamps owned the flea flicker? The one that I remember most recently was Montreal in 2019.

That is a really interesting call. Catch vs no catch really close.

Now that was a BAD CALL !!! . How could they possibly call that a catch ??

He had possession out of bounds. It was just the hand that got ripped out. Very close I admit though

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How could they not? Two feet in. One step out of bounds. Ball gets ripped out while on the white


Riders went into dressing room and called up their leprechaun contacts for that kick off

Well I guess if you're looking at that play with green coloured glasses on then well....

On tsn they even said it was a clear catch... the.reciever had possession with 2 feet in bounds and at the point he stepped out of bounds the play ended.


Oh well in the long run it doesn't really matter . It would appear that even with or without that play the Riders are heading for another "W" and a 3 - 0 start to this young season .

There is 1/4 left.to play and if the riders keep taking majors like this this game is far from over

I've seen better offences when my son was playing local Pee Wee ball then I've seen from the RB's this season .

Hope it does get close. So far, game has been a snoozefest.