2021-08-20 Game Tracker - Montreal Alouettes vs. Calgary Stampeders (6143)

Montreal Alouettes

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Go Stamps


What’s with starting the American QB over O Conner. No CFL experience at all. Once again Canadian QB getting the shaft


O'Connor's QB style is different than Maier's style. I guess given there is no tape what-so-ever on Maier playing in the CFL, his confidence and QB style, that Dickenson figured to start him to get a look see. Nothing preventing Dickenson from replacing Maier if he fails to produce. Either have very limited experience so why not go with the unexpected.

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The mighty Calgary Stampeders have never gone 0-3 in their illustrious 75 year history. Therefore I am confident they can get their first victory in this strange 2021 season ! :upside_down_face: :cowboy_hat_face: :100:Anthony Parker

Calgary will win 2 games this season. This isn't their week. Als by 26.

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Week #9 & week #10

Go Als Go!


The mighty Stampeders? That made me giggle, Ace, you're thinking of days gone by! They've got a lot to do to be called mighty this year, but I don't think Green&Whites blowout prediction is true either. Als by 7.

Where do you get your facts? The "mighty" Stampeders of 1985 lost 5 straight on their way to a 3 win season. The 1976 & 1977 "mighties" did win 1 of their 1st 3 games but that was the only win in their 1st 11 games of 1976 & 9 games of 1977. Mighty indeed. Go Stamps.

Hard to say just how many Games the Stamps win this season. No one has seen the QBs perform but Dickenson. But a loss tonight by 26 is an insane wishful thinking . Montreal looked good against Edmonton in their first game this season. However the Stamps do have a good defence. The Offence was hindered by an injuried QB the last 2 games. Plus Mitchell missed a lot of practise time that is needed to jell with his receivers. The Calgary starting QBs this game may surprise everyone !

I believe that Garcia's 1998 Stamps started out 0-3 before winning the west and the Grey Cup if I am not mistaken. Wasn't Dunigan's 04 Stamps also 0-4 start?

Prediction for tonight:

Als 27 - Stamps 17

That's some impressive homework there. And correct from my own double -check!

When your starting QB is on the six game injured and you have already lost 2 games with the starter at the helm, can't see them winning until he returns.
That would mean 0 - 8 with 6 games remaining.

Do they play Hamilton in that stretch?

Sorry, couldn't resist. :s

I would still take the Ticats with 2 starting QBs to the Stamps with a backup QB with no CFL experience

Winning three against 1 team in a span of 4 weeks is near impossible. Calgary will take 1 against the Riders and 1 against Ottawa

Tell me this, how many examples of greatness do the Stampders have to give y'all before you have a little faith?

Fine fine fine. I bow to you. Please tell me exalted highness, which of your boots shall I kiss first, the left or the right?