2021-08-19 Game Tracker - Edmonton Elks vs. BC Lions (6142)

Edmonton Elks

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How come you always post the injury report at the beginning of the week and then we never see it again? I wanna see it the day before the game! Should at least be a link under "Related", don'tcha think?

They post it after every practice. Teams have 3 practices each week leading up to the game.

For the injury reports, all you need to do is revisted the same page posted on practice day 1 as the CFL just updates that page twice rather than creating separate pages for each practice.

Lions go from having 2 global kickers for games against SSK and CGY to 2 American kickers on their active roster against EDM.

This is going to be a passing extravaganza…. Roar You Lions Roar

The :lion: are expected to use the cover of Smoke to sneak up on the frightened :worried: and anxious :confounded: Elks :deer: who are spooked by all the activity surrounding Vancouver. :rofl: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

What a start by Rainey off the kick off!

What is there like 5 people there?

Harris picked off and Lions will have good field position for the 2nd straight drive.

Already 3-0 BC

I really hope that Doman is able to bring in a lot more fans to BC Place. The amount there is terrible right now. 12000 is not nearly enough in a city like Vancouver. As a Rider fan born and raised in BC, I really hope this franchise thrives like the entire CFL.

Yup, special teams for EE lost the last game, and we are off to an uninspired start again

Int, Sad thing was the under route was open....

David Knevel at LT = turnstyle

The plural is "Elk" not "Elks"...

Off the post (or cross bar) and in! 4-3 BC

According to Oxford, Cambridge, Merriam-Webster, etc. "elks" is an acceptable plural form of "elk".

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I don't care what anyone says. It's "Elk".

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That's fine, I guess. Your insistence on "elk" is both incorrect and off-topic.

Let's stick to tracking the game.

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God the elk need to get some offense going, where the hell has Ellingson been??

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I'm always amazed at how often Burnham is able to make those incredible catches. Hands down best receiver in the league that just has been unlucky being on a sub par team in a tough division.

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The Elk need a new coach. I think Elizondo was the wrong hire.

With the weapons the Elk have, they should be putting up more points

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