2021-08-14 Game Tracker - Montreal Alouettes vs. Edmonton Elks (6140)

Montreal Alouettes

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Dave Campbell said LT D'Antne Demery was placed on the 6-game Injury List with a knee injury. RT Justin Renfrow moves over to LT and so Steven Nielsen starts. RB Walter Fletcher is now on the active roster.

Healthy Scratches:

EDM - OL Kyle Saxelid
MTL - DL Cam Lawson

Als start with a 2 and out.

Edmonton march all the way down at will and STILL CAN'T PUNCH IT IN! I have Harris Wilder and Ellingson in the pool dammit! Score a freaking touchdown please! :stuck_out_tongue:

Should have been picked.

If that holds up (not sure it does) thats a heck of a catch

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Didn't see an elbow underneath?

Nice catch


TD Als.

It was impressive that he even pulled it in as he had it only by the back tips, but I don't think he had possesion of it when he hit the ground. Doesn't matter what I think tho, TD Als

Terrible 3rd gamble there, lol

Ok after 400+ net yards and 4 FGs last week and now inside the 10 yard line twice on their first 3 possessions and come away with only 3 pts ... are the Elks cursed?

A Wieneke special ... the young man has reach and great hands

Edmonton has bad spotters to challenge that fumble.

Nice catch Cunningham.

YUP ... bad challenge ... guess they don't feel they need timeouts

Nice easy first FG attempt for the rookie

Alford had no respect for O'Neils foot speed.


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