2021-08-14 Game Tracker - Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders (6141)

Hamilton Tiger-Cats

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Not a fan of either team but Hamilton needs a win tonight to stay in the eastern race. Best of luck and hoping for a show of many talented successful plays.

My spidy sense is telling me the Riders are meow mix tonight.

Terribly torn over this game. I am a long time Rider Fan. However, I have a nephew who is a rookie playing special teams with the Cats. For me the best outcome would be for Nic Cross (#39) to cause a fumble, recover it and score his first CFL touchdown (a bit of a stretch I know) in front of a great number of family here to see him and that to be the only points the Cats score while the Riders score a bunch.
In seriousness, I do expect a good game but the Riders to win by less than a touchdown.


I honestly have no idea how this game will go.

Perhaps the Riders sack Masoli for a fumble scoop and score to win the game. Maybe Frankie Williams wins it with a punt return TD.

Maybe the Riders pound the rock and eat the clock and Hammy barely gets a sniff with the ball. Maybe The Cats receivers torch Sask's secondary.

Maybe it will be none of the above.

I just want a W for the green and no major injuries. Let's have a good one.

Should be a good game. Guessing home team wins, and Cats start in the East basement after 2 games. Who'd have thunk?

Why does it feel like the first game was the preliminary, and this is the main event?

Never mind that , a better question is when was the last time that both Albertan teams started out a season at 0 - 2 ?

Good question!

I was going to ask the same. Also, I think that the last time there was a western playoff without at least one game in Alberta was mid 80s. Way too early still but the mind does wander onto these things.

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Where is the crowd tonight is Sask? Saturday night games are what the Riders always want. Very disappointing.

"he was dispossessed of that ball" :grin:

What's the # for today vs what was in CGY?

Awful lot of deep balls by sask out of the gate

Dumb RTP penalty there by cats

And now using his legs. Attaboy Cody

Unbelieveable. When the ball is on the 1 there's a great big stripe painted on the ground showing exactly where you're allowed to stand. How the hell do you go offside - TWICE!!


3 times in a row. Prairie rats don't learn how to line up


I'm not into bawling folks out in front of everyone but that whole D front needs a right bollocking on that sidelines right now.

Go Riders! Beat them Ticats!