2021-08-13 Game Tracker - Toronto Argonauts vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (6139)

great stuff!!

#8 perfect pass.

stadium erupts.

Good CFL football here.

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Another overrated TD by Demski :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Stupid penalties

Fumble + Another bad penalty + Demsky = 17-7 Wpg

Gotta admit, it irks me they gave up 100+ rushing yards today.

but it was all on one drive.

the score does not represent this game.

True. It seems like several of the games early in the season have been that way--scores much closer than they normally should be.

come on T dot. save some of those stupid penalties for labour day.

Come on, Defense. No penalties, just tackles.

boy those fans are having fun!

Brescacin is down after the catch in pain favouring the knee

Man, I hope it's nothing serious. They need to get him into the action more.

And despite moving the ball well, a fumble by Arbuckle seals this one.

A valiant effort but allot of early penalties couple with allot of turnovers late are the constant story tonight

Is hitting the QB below the knees acceptable now?

yes, you can touch a qb below the knees.

it was light enough that Arbuckle didn't even fall.

It's news to me that you can hit the qb below the knee seems to me he fell but I could be wrong

i think the disconnect is the "hit". He didn't get hit. he didn't fall.

There isn't a rule that you can't touch a qb below the knees.

edit: I just rewound the PVR. Arbuckle did fall to one knee. My mistake.

There is a rule that you can't hit a QB at or below the knees if he's vulnerable in the pocket. If he escapes the pocket then he can be tackled like anyone else so long as he doesn't hook slide.

Maybe the Argos will have better luck vs the Bombers at home next week. Maybe with Arbuckle getting the start?

I sure hope they get their O clicking for the home crowd.

I've watched it twice. I can't confidently say if he was still in the pocket or not when he was hit. But he did get knocked down, where I didn't think he did.

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