2021-08-13 Game Tracker - Toronto Argonauts vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (6139)

Just be thankful you're not in Winnipeg. They won't even let you in the stadium unless you prove that you're vaxed.

that's the way it should be. prove you're vaxed then forget the masks.

not like that here.

no vax. no go. stay home.


He's one of my least favorite players. Probably the most overrated players in the league.

Overrated? Wow. Have to disagree there.

Very undisciplined half by the Argos. Fortunate to be down by 10, though a bad break on Bede's post.

Argos penalties penalties penalties.

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Zach scrambling and still making the plays.

errr, maybe not. lol

Peters with the pick! Can the offense move the ball now?

That play should fire up the team.

I hope.

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I like this Argos team. Making me feel better about the back to back starting labour day.

Just missed a sure TD for Daniels....D'oh!

Wow no comment from the colour guy on the tickle tackle in the end zone on the pick .

At what point do the Argos put in Arbuckle, at least for a series or two?

right now, lol

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I hope Coach O is watching.

Hey O, you see what you do when your qb is struggling? You change it up!!!!

Arbuckle coming in....they need an offensive spark.

The D has kept them in it

4 for 4 so far

What a run by White ..TD Argos!

Great run and terrible tackling .


That's more like it.

Let's see how Winnipeg responds.

And using Noel and Rogers in this drive too who both have been silent before

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