2021-08-13 Game Tracker - Toronto Argonauts vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (6139)

Toronto Argonauts

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A ton of injuries for the Bombers, forcing them to shuffle the whole secondary, with a couple guys getting their 1st start of CFL.
Bighill will have 2 new guys on each side of him. Hope the D can still shut down the run and force the Argos into 2nd & long.

On O, still no Harris & Adams, and hopefully BO can run big again and Lawler continues to take over as our #1 WR.

Go Bombers!

Nice TD throw by Collaros.

I'm hoping the Argos can get it going now.

Pretty sure that was Bailey's 1st CFL TD

Peg looks good again.

Why do teams try 3rd & short on us??

Feels like there have been a lot of stops on 3rd and short so far this year. A product of no preseason?

There'll be a blocked punt yet....

Going for it on 3rd and 2 is suddenly the "new normal".

lol, how the heck did the almost get a 1st off that?!

Collaros channeling Doug Flutie on that play. A shame Demski couldn't quite get the first down.

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More Demski please

You sure about that?

Demski drops the ball


I will fully admit, I'm extremely jealous that the fans in the Peg can watch the game in their seats without stupid masks...Hamilton is 100% mask wearing inside the stadium.

Very jealous!

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Ford promises once it gets 75 percent at double he will make major changes . We are 1.5 percent away .

I hope he keeps his word .

Demski has always had the drops. He's also made many boneheaded plays regarding returning kicks out of the endzone. He's also had alligator arms. He must have tremendous athleticism for O'Shea to put up with that sort of stuff.

That's at least 3 fakes that fooled me pretty good

Hamilton released their 2021 rules. I don't foresee them changing them (although I hope they do). They made it clear they expect 100% of fans to wear masks the entire time in their stadium. Oh well, at least we get to see football.

(and I know some fans that will swing their fists before they put one on....like they did at the open practice)

He's only had a few as a Bomber, and I don't remember him doing any returning. Overall he's been fantastic, very underated.