2021-08-07 Game Tracker - Toronto Argonauts vs. Calgary Stampeders (6136)

Toronto Argonauts

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Can't wait. Should be a big win for Stamps in the opener

Can't wait either. Just finished re-watching the 2017 Grey Cup on PVR in preparation for this, and about to move onto the 2012 Grey Cup. :+1:t2:


You mean the 2012 Grey Cup where BC was the heavy favorite to represent the west and the 2017 Grey Cup where the Argos were out grossly out-played (GROSSLY) and won on a fluke play???
FYI there are ALOT of ex stamps all over your organization, remember to be thankful as you watch (all in fun)

Nobody blows like the Argos

This one will be interesting to get a feel on how all the new faces on both teams will come together. Iā€™m thinking the Stamps will still be pretty solid, but I have no idea on how the Argos will look.

Can't wait, Gallup along Mr Stallion. I'm sure my bro will have your back. To both teams play well, stay well, no injuries, want Wpg to play you at full speed.
Our next games are Argo's, Argo's & Stamps

Argos starting well with a drive .

Both teams new uniforms ( logo look ) look crisp .

Brescacin with the 9 yard reception from MBT to open the scoring. 2 PAT from White good


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Loving the Calgary uniforms and the Argo emblems.

I don't like the candy canes on the shoulders of the Stamps


Bend but no break defense by the Argos. Limit a long drive to a FG


I think Mr. Crowbait isn't as cocky as an hour ago.

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Not sure that FG try was a good call...

That long FG attempt by Bede nearly burnt them bad.

Gives the Stamps better field position compared to a punt IMO

Also, just noticed Bell is their shoulder patch sponsor this year.

I quite like that. Unique. I think they should keep that design going forward, but swap out the retro logo for the current one.

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Stamps take a lead BLM to Jorden. Very efficient drive. Argos got away with a horse collar a play earlier.

2 PAT good.

11-8 Stamps

Love the helmets of both teams.


I would be bummed if it was a team I cheer for.

anybody here in the habit of running right out to buy a new jersey every time they change?

Bebe missed a FG to close out the half.

14-12 Stamps at the half