2021-08-07 Game Tracker - Ottawa Redblacks vs. Edmonton Elks (6137)

Ottawa Redblacks

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The Elks era is about to begin.

Is Wilder allowed to have his jersey like that?

Took a bit, but the ref spoke with him. Looks like someone left it in the dryer too long?


What's the situation in Edmonton with the air from the fires? Is it still challenging?

Why are there a good number of empty good seats?

Great 52 yd FG by Ward .

Would have liked to see the angle that reversed that special teams TD .

The one TSN showed was not conclusive .

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Wow a little slow in here for this game eh

This is the Elks first ever game, and the Redblacks are still losing.

Did Greg Ellingson wear an invisibility cloak or something? He cost me a sh*t load of money in my fantasy and Harris ignores him most of the time.

Finally something exciting that happens in a game that before that point, looked like a pre-season game #1.

Surprised Redblacks won after everybody was saying they would struggle to win 3-4 the whole year.

Pleasant surprise for me. With a lost year and so much turnover, it's really difficult to know how skilled the RBs are going to be.

They'll need to work on the O if they want to win 3 or 4 more this year, though.

I thought the play was legal. The worst ST call that I ever saw was the Music City Miracle. That was a forward pass by Frank Wychek

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Maybe not, their D shut down Harris, Wilder and all their talented receivers.
The Ottawa special teams with Dedmon look to be one of the best. Leone is punting them out of trouble and Ward making every kick.

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Could it be people protesting the new name? Some posters on this forum since the name change speculated many long time fans may be put off and may not return. Wonder if it came true?

I don't know what kind of Voodoo rituals Abdul is into, even if it involves painting the locker room with a chicken foot, he should keep it up.

One of the most unlikely outcome I've seen ever in the CFL.

Official attendance was over 30,000. Capacity is nearly twice that. That's why, Sir.


In 2019 Ottawa started out beating Calgary & Riders & then won 1 the rest of the way. I think since returning to the league, they've only lost one opener. Upsets are going to happen but, wow, 94 net yards offence & you win the game? We should all be buying chicken feet. Elks have to solve the problem they had last year. Long drives ending in FG's, untimely penalties. Biggest surprise for me - the Elk front 4 & 3 rookie LB's are all between 22 & 27. It's only Ottawa but I can see why Lemon & Diggs were let go. They really fly around. Moore & Boateng look like they're ready for another big year. Why they didn't use Ellilngson till late is a head scratcher.

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2019 is irrelevant, that was 2 years ago, different Ottawa team, different coaches, much stronger Defense
Why didn't they throw to Ellingson sooner? Ottawa DBs were covering everyone, he eventually got open a few times late.
When you say "it's only Ottawa" - well judging my the 8 teams that played, Ottawa has the best defense so far.
The trick punt return should've counted and Ottawa would've had the big lead and no need for the last minute drama