2021-08-06 Game Tracker - BC Lions vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders (6135)

BC Lions

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A lot to prove for the Lions tonight. Even coach Campbell needs to prove his stuff, & he wasn't with them for last season's fiasco.

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Fojaja: mass help me become the next mike Reilly. Well you gonna have to beat him first

is he saying that praying at mass will help him?

BTW - who or what is Fojaja?

Beat him twice (back-to-back) in 2019.

Although QBs don't really win and lose games, teams do.

I hope the orange cats win tonight, only b/c the batte for the top spot in the West should be tight, although I predicted Gina will get the W over BC probably by 15 points.
Outside of major injuries, I believe Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Calgary & to a slight lesser degree Edmonton will fight for #1 spot. I also believe the West will get the crossover to the East behind Yellow Cats & the Al's. It's a short season all points seam to be more valuable.


If you were supposed to know, you would know. :thinking:

nahh, one should learn something new every day of life

finally figured it out.

Hey mike, check for typos ehh. otherwise you mess with my head.


You might want to start with a medical dictionary.

[quote="WeGotTheCup, post:11, topic:72072"]

You might want to start with a medical dictionary.

[/quote] ???

gee, now you messing with my head

If you drink to much you might Fojaja in the ceramic bowl.
Green & slimy

You mean like the lions are going to do tonight :slight_smile:

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Who calls regina "gina" its vegina hahahaa

I didn't know they are vegan

one of the feistiest girls I ever knew was named Gina.

:laughing:.. im from saskatoon. We agree..

Woooo game day. Win, lose or draw I am PUMPED

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And a full house at Mosiac to welcome this one.

Reilly's first game as Michael. Also the begining of the Rick Campbell era for BC

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