2021-08-05 Game Tracker - Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (6134)



Hamilton Tiger-Cats

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Masoli played like a guy sporting a Man-Bun.
Dane Evans should be the starter - plus he is bald so no Man-Bun is possible. Ha Ha.

I'm a Cat fan, but I was disapointed with their performance tonight. I'm still not convinced that Masoli is the one for the starting job, but willing to give him a chance. He does have a habit of throwing without looking or thinking it through. The Cat offence was simply uninspiring, making the defence work a lot more then they should. Count this game as a bad start to the new season - just make sure it is the last one!

Wheres your so called super team

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The Blue Bombers dominated, end of discussion. Sorry, cats, no room for you tonight. Better luck with the Riders next week

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I meant to say, dominated like it was an extension from the 2019 Grey Cup...

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You go on for along time, with little to say