2020 Team cuts before Training Camp

Pinball was on the Rod Peterson Show a few days ago, and mentioned that it would be quite possible that the training camp player limit would have to be cut down from 100 + non counters to 75 + non counters. Tough choices to make without seeing some of these rookies on the field. Also very disappointing for these young players not getting a chance to show what they could do. I guess if you go three deep at every position that would be roughly close to 75. WR's and DB's seem to be the deepest positions where cuts would have to be made. But some from just about every position except QB, will have to have deletions.

You cannot have 100 players in camp. What Pinball apparently suggested is already standard operating practice.

Here is what the CBA says about camp size:
(b) A Member Club shall be permitted to have C.F.L. Standard Player Contracts outstanding with a maximum of 100 players (plus non counters) during the period from the day following the date of the Grey Cup Game until the conclusion of Rookie Camp of the following year, and a maximum of 85 Players (plus non counters) from the conclusion of Rookie Camp until the end of the third day of training camp, then a maximum of 75 players (plus non counters) until the conclusion of training camp.
(c) The C.F.L. shall annually determine the number of players permitted to attend the training camp for a Member Club, provided that not less than 68 players and not more than 85 players under registered Standard Player Contracts may attend in any year, excluding:
(i) Players selected in the current year Canadian and Global Draft, and
(ii) Players selected in a previous year’s Canadian Draft by the Member Club that have never attended a professional training camp in Canada or elsewhere, and
(iii) Junior players not under contract, and
(iv) Two additional undrafted National Players comprised of either:
(A) A Player who was eligible for the current or the previous years’ C.F.L. Draft, or
(B) A C.J.F.L. Player whose junior eligibility had terminated in
the previous C.J.F.L. season.
(v) A National quarterback who is playing and participating in training
camp at the quarterback position.

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