2020 so far. . . (and I need 15 characters to make a title)

...pretty bizarre year so far no doubt...may get worse as society begins to see the repercussion effects of isolation...

I've seen some good things too.
Parents have stopped over programing themselves and their kids
Learning to just stay home and play
We get to see leadership in action or not
We see how quickly gov't can respond when political will is there
Traffic and other pollution is very much reduced

nothing good about the shootings..

Apparently this question is off limits. Anyone who asks it wants their elderly family members to die

...I should clarify, I meant social repercussions, not economic...depression, anxiety, addictions, marriage-stress, child abuse...the human frailties that isolation will begin to take it's toll upon...I see the potential of these things racking up way more victims than the virus itself...

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Fully agree.

A study was done last year with the layoffs in Alberta. For every 1% in unemployment suicide rate grew by 2.8%.

Of course pointing that out means you want to kill grandma

Yup time for Alberts to finally get serious about developing an economy that is not dependent on a dying industry. Far past time actually.

tree planting would be a good thing.

Imagine the shape BC would be in if they never developed an economy past logging.

we did ?????????????

apparently my body is unclear.

big brother must be spying on me :slight_smile:

Debate away on whether or not Alberta should diversify their economy or whether or not oil is a dying industry (it's not but that's for another topic). Those debates are not really relevant to the mass layoffs and the data supporting the increase in suicides when people lose their jobs.

Or Redandwhite's focus on the societal impacts ie domestic violence, child abuse, and so on that inevitably goes undetected as they are not in school.

But I guess you can choose to make whatever political statement you want to make against those evil conservatives in Alberta

Beer Guy:You brought up Alberta and layoffs of last year so my mind and response went to that area. Nothing to do with political powers.

You are now diverting to the temp layoffs across Canada due to virus shut downs. These layoffs are heavily mitigated by gov't subsidy.

two different things for sure.
Anyway we won't know the effects of the virus shut down on the society for a long time. Right now your statements re child abuse etc are completely unfounded as of yet. I agree with your point and RW that some feel the cure is worse than the poison. I am not one of those as of now.

My comments are clearly related to the effects of covid, specifically job loss, and suicide. The focus was on the correlations between unemployed and suicide. So switching to whether or not those evil conservatives in Alberta should diversify their economy wasn't really the point. Government subsidies cover about 70% of the wage. No different than EI. So yes it would be safe to assume that this trend will continue... isolation, not just loss of job, is horrible for people with mental health issues. This is pretty well established in research. Isolation, fear of the unknown, concern about losing your home; all concerns many Canadians are now facing

Schools always have acted as a buffer for child abuse. It's a natural place of safety for children. Many children across the country rely on school lunch programs as their only meal that day. Many advocates have raised these concerns during this pandemics. No they arent "unfounded" either. This has been a major concern not just during covid but summer holidays as well.

"Child sexual abuse expected to rise amid Covid 19, experts say"
-Global News

"Increase in Child Abuse a big concern during Covid 19"
-The Globe and Mail

"How Covid 19 may Increase Domestic Violence and Child Abuse"
-American Psychology Association

"Protecting Children During the Covid 19 outbreak"

Fair points.
Please keep in mind tho that the only comments about "evil conservatives" come from you.
Diversifying economies crosses all party lines.

re health vs economy.

if we try putting the economy first, then eventually the economy will suffer worse than it is with way more other issues, such completely killing the CFL as we now know it.

Let every body come into the country. Let all businesses stay open. Let all events happen. etc. We would see so many get sick, die, end up in the hospital that the medical profession would be way more stressed than it is. Employees everywhere would be dropping til business would end up suffering anyhow. So many Students and Teachers and staff would get sick that schools would have to close anyhow.

People would on their own would stop going to most events so that they would have to be cancelled or lose a lot of money. Athletes and coaches and team personnel and refs would be reduced to where teams and leagues could not function. ETC ETC.

Eventually we would arrive past where we are now in terms of closure of business, schools, events, and such. Not by decree but by manpower shortage and economic based decisions.

At which point we would be in so much a worse shape than we are now that it would takes way longer to recover. Take longer to recover from the virus. Then way longer to recover economically, socialy, etc

CFL would have to be closed for at least 2 full seasons. Probably good bye CFL.

Other leagues would take big hits.

I cant even type here all what I see it would cost. What the picture would be.

Every issue anyone would point out to in favor of ending isolation and other things we are doing to fight and prevent this virus from spreading as much as possible, would end up happening anyhow, and most likely many times worse.

So lets suck it up, wait it out, and look to the future.

CFL 2021, bring it on

It's not a matter of "health v the economy".

Both are interconnected.

The discussions on isolation and health and societal impacts (I'm not talking pensions or buying that shiny new car) are worth having and shouldnt just be dismissed. Nobody is saying that "stopping the spread" isnt important and nobody wants to see their grandmother dead.

There's been plenty of nonsense I've seen from the "keep the economy closed" folks. Lots of nonsense from that side is immature.

funny..but I've never read, heard or seen anyone say simply "keep the economy closed". I have heard people disagree on timing, steps, and who makes the call.

[quote="everyman, post:17, topic:67495"]

funny..but I've never read, heard or seen anyone say simply "keep the economy closed". I have heard people disagree on timing, steps, and who makes the call.

You hear it all the time. Saskatchewan just announced a reasonable plan today. You of course have the naysayers who believe that opening up a dentist office is going to kill people's grandmothers.

show me that quote if you can

Listen to it.. the CBC reporter was stoking fears. Said "arent you afraid that opening up is going to spread the virus?"

The premier and the doc methodically wrecked her argument.

Just the other day the governor in Michigan suggested that those protesting were all neo nazis