2020 Season Countdown

I think this deserves it's own thread at this point, separate from the Government funding thread. My gut says the CFL does not have the insight or financial resources to pull off a Covid influenced 2020 season, but I hope I'm wrong
By my estimation we are about 4-5 weeks away before a real decision has to be made about the season.
The CFL will need to have a plan in place (hub city, player and staff housing and all the other safety decisions), and then get permission to get the US players over the border. The US players will have to make travel arrangements and head to Canada, wherever is decided is the best spot to meet. They will have to quarantine for 14 days and then have some sort of a meaningful training camp.
All this before the beginning of September.

You might as well change the thread title to 2021 Season Countdown as there won't be any CFL football this season. Too many logistical problems to overcome, some of which you've already mentioned. Really sucks as a Ticat fan as they would have been the team to beat this year.

I can't see a season as it's hard to predict if the cases have come down or not.

It's up to the health authorities to decide if its safe or not.

Plan for 2021.

Perhaps the CFL can get some insight from how the German Bundesliga soccer league restarted their season recently. They are playing in empty stadiums with only specific personnel allowed near the playing pitch. The media scrums are all done virtually and there is minimal uneccessary contact.

It's not exactly a great gameday experience but at least the league can make some revenue with the TV broadcasting, advertising and merchandise sales.

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The CFL is looking to other sports leagues for examples.

The PGA resumes tomorrow in The Charles Schwab Challenge in Fort Worth Texas . Mackenzie Hughes , Adam Hadwin , and Corey Conners are our Canadian reps .
Television sports viewers are hungry for live sporting events , even if fans are not there to cheer on their favourites . The NFL and CFL drafts had record breaking viewership .
I'll be watching live golf this weekend . :grinning:

Pat Lynch (the guy hoping to get on the course soon) * I hope this is on topic

Unfortunately, it looks like this is what THF ' may ' look like this CFL season.


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I thought I heard a news clip on the radio today that the CFL has received permission for Hamilton and two other franchises (Calgary? BC?) to begin negotiations about the use of their stadiums for the coming season? Anyone else hear anything?

This is likely what you heard, Palmer:


According to@FarhanLaljiTSN

Stampeders will be opening up their training facility on Thursday, while the Lions will open their facility on Monday. The Ticats, meanwhile, are finalizing logistics and will open in the next couple of days, likely by Monday, Lalji reported #CFL

And, in another tweet, Lalji stated:
Players will need to make appointments and will be screened upon arrival at the facility. Medical and strength staff will wear shields at the facility while players will be required to wear masks while not training.


These are good signs if you're a TiCat fan . :grinning:

Pat Lynch (hoping this is on topic)

I think my whole life has been off-topic.

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Heard on local radio today that CFL camps are looking to open July 10. Nothing on the Ti-Cat website. If true, looks to be a positive sign for some kind of a season. I'm still at the "believe it when I see it stage", but decidedly more optimistic this week than last!

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Here's to being hopefull.

Not to be a downer, but with all the Science I am reading about an inevitable second wave starting in the mid-fall, I wish the CFL could find a way to start playing, without fans,sooner then September. I am also, in my non-expert opinion, thinking the hub city model will just be too complicated. Maybe playing in home stadiums, without fans,would be easier to manage. If I was a player going to make $32,500 Canadian (before taxes) for 1/2 a season I sure wouldn't want to be separated from my family in a University Campus for 4 months in almost total quarantine.
The co-vid numbers in Canada are trending downward at a quicker pace right now so maybe starting a season early to mid-August could be possible?

There are several hurdles that have to be crossed before a CFL season can be considered viable . . .
We are all aware of the Medical Health hurdles . . . these relate to all stakeholders including players, coaches, training staff, fans etc. and also their respective families, of course.
But there are also significant Financial Health hurdles . . . in this case we are referring to the health of each of the franchises, and the league itself.
Some people are speculating about proceeding with a shortened CFL season where the games are played in empty stadia. These games may or may not take place in a single Hub City. This is the model that is being considered for the NBA playoffs, the NHL playoffs, and even MLB games. As someone has already mentioned, this model has been implemented in the German Bundesliga as well.

I don't think this model applies to the CFL. The television revenues associated with the CFL are not significant enough to support such a model for this league. I could see the CFL playing out their 9 preseason games in front of empty stadia; some fans might even watch those games, if televised. But if the league cannot find a way to safely play games in front of mostly-filled stands in September, I just don't think it makes sense to play out the season, from the standpoint of the Financial Health of the teams. All 9 teams depend upon the gate revenues to make the league viable.
(still a mystery how the Argos survive)

This doesn't seem very encouraging.

Multiple athletes test positive for coronavirus, complicating return of sports

Over a 24-hour period, Major League Soccer (MLS), National Football League (NFL), National Hockey League (NHL) and Major League Baseball (MLB) confirmed positive tests, and those sports pondered return-to-play scenarios.

It sure isn't encouraging. I don't believe the fat lady has sung just yet, but I think she's walking up to the microphone.

I love the CFL, it is the only league I truly care about, but I am starting to think that playing any kind of season is not a good or responsible idea. That goes for all these leagues around the world.
The CFL should try and secure government funding or a bank loan and pay their players some sort of reduced salary to help them get by and then cross their fingers that there is better treatments in place or a vaccine by June 2021.

The devil will be in the details. What happens if you lose three or four key starters, especially if they test positive a week or two apart. How do you manage and house the practice squad, or even the injured players?

I thought about that too. Housing them is actually simple in comparison to replacing them quickly, if you don't already happen to have a suitable player available within your "bubble."

Will replacements coming in from the U.S. have to wait 14 days before they can even start to practice? Just imagine losing your starting QB and his backup to positive tests.

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