2020 Schedule

Just in time for the holidays

Part of me thinks the vote in Halifax yesterday was the last item needed to determine if there will be a Touchdown Atlantic to have on tap.

On a side note, the Argos released their season ticket campaign late afternoon yesterday, about an hour after the vote. 8 regular season home games again so putting 2 and 2 together…

Curious on how the byes will be spaced out. Having a Thanksgiving game or 2 will be nice


Can start planning the summer holidays now.

You got the recent Argo email as well . They will host again in TD Atlantic .

In terms of Argo season tickets ; the value is pretty high compared to other CFL cities for the money you pay .

I wish they did that day one . Lots of bang for a low cost .

What I will look for:

-# of regular games on Sunday
-# of Super Saturdays
-If the season starts sooner
-If there is an Atlantic event
-If there are Thanksgiving games

I hope Toronto plays BC, so Atlantic fans can start a hate-on for the Lions to prep for those future labor day classics. ;p

I can see another east match up with Montreal or Ottawa against Toronto in Moncton .

…be prepared to be 60% disappointed…

More of the same probably:
1-2 Sunday games: SK/Wpg labour day and TD Atlantic
5 or more triple headers on Saturday
Thursday games over the summer, and Friday night double headers where if you are limited on TSN channels, you may not see the first half hour of the second game, as TSN started last year giving only 2.5 hours for the first game on back to backs.
Continue the lack of “National” games, as they continue to show game on random regional channels. Ex. Sk/Edm playing but regional TSN 3 shows Nascar, yet TSN 5 (East Regional) showing game?
I believe season will be a week sooner, so hope no Cdn team makes it to the Stanley Cup.
As previous posters have stated, 8 home games for Toronto sets up another atlantic.
Thanksgiving games would be fun, but CFL seems to have moved away from doing this.
Labour day? 3 or 4 games?

Not a fan of the way the schedule has been heading.
Whether its the last week of October or last week of November, chances are the weather is going to be pretty close. Heck, 2 years ago, the weather here was worse in September than October and November.
Start early, and a run into a Cdn NHL team or even the Raptors again, will mute out any hype by media for start of CFL season. Plus you start too early in spring, and Stamps opening game could be in snow.

All in all, as the schedule keeps going to appease the TSN lords and NFL, traditional game day gets lost, and the promotion of College players gets blocked as CFL takes up airwaves on traditional college football day Saturday.

Thankfully, I have PVR.

Yes I noticed that in my renewal.
However would it surprise you if our “home game” instead was in Mexico?
Last year the Commish tried to get a game under his 2.0 CFL objective.

He said no Mexico game for 2020.

Maybe the Lions can have one of their home dates in Japan. I could see the Japanese being receptive to a CFL game as they like odd things. Just as an one off though.

I thought Mexico is still in play for next year?

Well if the Commish really wants to get this 2.0 thing some substance.
He should really be working OT to get a CFL game in a global country.
With Mexico being on the continent it makes the most sense.
Send BC to mexico as the home team. Send sask down as the visitors.
The Riders may actually promote a Mexico trip for fans. Plus alot of Sask fans everywhere.

I hate the idea of sending the Argos to Moncton again
As one of their home games.
If ya want to promote the Argos more and make them a relevent factor again.
It should be somewhere in southern Ontario.
York Stadium has almost as many permanent seats as Momcton. & can be expandable.
Same in London at TD stadium.
Ya I know there are naysayers that no one wuld go.
But certainly no Argos fans are going to Moncton

I know the Als are getting rolling again in Montreal.
But the CFL has taken on the costs of owning the franchise. So I think they can sacrafice one home game in 2020 to be home team in Moncton.
Next closest team in Ottawa.
So I vote for Ottawa vs Montreal.

Will the Alouettes be on that schedule?

Can the other 8 ownership groups continue subsidizing Montreal for a second year?

Troll troll troll the boat …

Moving the season early as talked about up to a month.
That could mean that Graduating University players with finals could overlap with the start of Training camp.

By ‘‘what I will look for’’, I meant what I will check to the new schedule and not what I would want for 2020. It was not the best choice of words. As most people here I don’t want the season to starts sooner and still have our playoffs in November.

There were four Sundays of CFL football last season and they drew sell outs and the four largest TV audiences of the season.

But this is Canada and our TV providers will insist games be played on Saturday, up against Hockey Night in Canada, and Canadian college football - because they are trying to grow their NFL product.

Then Canadian broadcasters lament layoffs due to competition from foreign services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. They reap what they sew.

How many of those Sunday sellouts/largest TV audiences were for the playoffs?

Is it better to go up against the NFL on Sunday or NCAA on Saturday in your opinion?