2020 schedule released

League schedule

In before someone says…

“I see us starting 1-5”.

Bye weeks are weeks 4, 14 and 18

Hopefully the schedule masters didnt screw us with so many easy games like they did last year. It was like the whole league was plotting against us.

No Sundays, only one Thursday. My ideal schedule :).

Right on cue boys, right on cue

Thanksgiving games…but not for us.
Good to see the timeless rivalry of BC/OTT lives on for LD.
No summer game in MTL…boourns.

The Cats’ final 3 games of the season are against Western Divisionteams . . .
I understand that there must be inter-division games every week, except when a Westernteam has a bye, but I thought the schedule makers would go out of their way to arrange intra-division games at the end of the season.

Oh well. . .I am sure the sequence doesn’t really matter to theplayers at the endof the day.

We were told East div was too easy, gave us a phony win/loss record and thus ruined us for post season. League received message loud and clear..

3 game losing streak to end the season. Great.

Its good you’re not getting your hopes up. Expectations should always be managed.

Looks like a great schedule. Some western teams at the beginning, some in the end.
Hard to predict the first 6 games, without knowing the players on our team.

Wonder which teams from the West may struggle and which east team(s) will wake up.

Just for once would love to see all 4 East teams make the playoffs.

And yet again only one game here in Ottawa. :frowning:

Only once in seven years have they played here twice in one season. And only the third time they’ve played three times. I suppose it could be the result of randomness, but it does seem odd.

It is odd.

Is there any kind of system that decides what east teams we play 3 times and who we play twice? Or do they just make it up as they go along?

Without checking my notes, I think it's this. We play TOR three times, and then between OTT and MTL, we play a third game against whichever team is strongest that season.

That would explain why they've only played Ottawa three times in three of their seven seasons - as close to half as they can get. And two games here in one of those three seasons is also as close to half.

Looking good for two games here in 2021, I suppose. Assuming they follow the rule you state.

You're kidding right?

Actually, he is correct about us playing the Arghos three times every year. At least, that’s what they’ve done since 2014 - as far back as I looked. As for playing three against the stronger of the other two? Well, it certainly seems that way.

I got that part.
I meant the part where we play the better of Ottawa Montreal.

Id imagine we get Toronto and Ottawa/Montreal for the regional aspect of it, then we rotate Montreal and Ottawa?

It was indeed a “seems that way” statement. We played OTT three times in 2017 and 18 when they were the better team, and then MTL three times in 2019 when they were better. (Let’s ignore previous seasons for purposes of this exercise.)

Pure alternating or rotating would have had us play the extra game against MTL in 18 and OTT in 19. Also, 2020 will be our second straight year with the extra game against MTL. So the pattern is not purely one of “alternating.” My formulation explains more of the data.