2020 Grey Cup

I’m surprised that so many people equate a stadium with 60,000 capacity with 60,000 people in attendance. We all know that the Big Owe will probably have about 40,000 people in it for the Grey Cup game, and that’s if they paper it with giveaways.
30,000 in a stadium that holds 30,000 is WAY better than 40,000 in a stadium that holds 60,000. All those empty seats at the championship game will make the CFL look minor-league, and that’s something we don’t need when we’re already struggling to sell the product to a population that sees the CFL as the NFL’s little brother.

You show me one grey cup in Montreal that had less then 60,000, the stadium expandable to 71,000 like what the 08 grey cup was like and nearly 68,000 showed up?? Even when Montreal wasn’t in it, so idk why you think only 40,000 thousand would go, a grey cup with only 30,000 looks like a Roughriders regular season game lol if it’s a big even it needs to look like one, now I feel like Hamilton should get it, and if that city is so much better then when in 96 then there’s no reason they can’t expand to 40,000 as that stadium says it can and sell it right out and make money,

GOTT got to be Hamilton, all the way.

Mexico City.


You have no idea what you’re talking about. You’re basing this off of zero facts. I was at the 2008 Grey Cup, it hosted 66,308 people and the place looked very full. The one before that was in 2001 and that had 65,255. Montrealers show up for big time events at that stadium (ala MLB preseason games, CFL East Final (2012 was their last and they had 50,112 there), so we should expect to have north of 60K for a Grey Cup there.

Oh yeah , remember the days when sonny wade played in the big o, 70,000 if I remember correctly, to bad we can’t get back to those days, all the games were on cbc and free if i’m Not mistaken, I can’t remember if they blacked those games out or not.

I laughed…

You guys are forgetting that in 2008 Montreal was in the game, and in 2001 they had AC and Montreal was football crazy. Now their team stinks and they can’t fill Molson Stadium; but we’re expected to believe they’ll sell 60,000 tickets to watch the Ticats beat the Lions?

Hey, if you want to believe that, go right ahead. I’ve got too much class to call you stupid.

The 2008 Game in Montreal was sold out months before the Als were in the game. With 60 000 plus seats the tickets will be a lot less expensive and make more for the CFL. Also five times the number of hotels in the city than the other bids

You might not be laughing if/when it actually happens and 100,000 fans show up for the game.

I think a Montreal Grey Cup would be a lot of fun.

I know if it does go there, I will be looking at a way to go.

If done right they could easily put 60k in there.
If you are looking at recent Grey cups, its because teams have tried to have a low grey cup capacity with high ticket prices to lower their own investment.

Large capacity, reasonable ticket prices, probably attracts more fans that would have to travel in for the game which puts more people at the surrounding events.

I think they’ve chosen Saskatchewan. The time of the announcement is clearly engineered to create media buzz out West.

Speculation about a dual allocation for both '20 and '21 for Regina and Hamilton (no particular order) is not going away.

With viewing parties in both places (I’m not aware about one in Montreal), it could make sense.

Wishing I could watch the announcement on TSN :frowning:

With all the international partners, this problem of only people in Canada being able to see important live announcements and other events has GOT to get fixed. Not being able to see it sometimes makes the league feel like CFL 1.5.

Was that it on tsn? took me so long to get a stream up and now its hockey sh@t

Apparently is going to be announced on Sports Centre.

It’s on TSN 5

Announced as Sask then Hamilton in 2021.

Cool. Thanks.

I thought there’d be more, looks like a basketball player now.

Here’s the recording of the live announcement on TSN.