2020 Grey Cup

The Commissioner stated during the week of the Grey Cup that the CFL saw 3 great presentations to host the 2020 Grey Cup. Saskatchewan is one what are the other two teams?

Montréal made a bid but they will probably not host any Grey Cup until the Big O’s roof is repared, wich means at last 2022.

Other may be BC or even Hamilton?

Montreal and Hamilton were the other two bids.

I thought the roof was repaired at the big “O”.

Why bid if the roof isnt repaired?

The other bids are Hamilton and Saskkatchewan

Green light was given by Québec last year, but it is still on the road.

Guess it is because Patrick Boivin wants short term cfl interests in Montréal while the Alouettes rebuilds themselves. Or because his logic is too intense to be understood by mortals like us


Rumours swirling about moving the season up after Calgary next year .

I am thinking two weeks up and that might limit the possibilities of a significant snowfall in Montreal .

Just throwing it out there .

There is a heating system in the big O, witch has worked, that’s the only reason the CFL would let the als make a grey cup but is if they can prove the big O will be good to go, I bealeve I read that if the stadium holds up this winter with us heating system that Montreal probobly will host it because Hamilton and Saskatchewan could not hold the amount that Olympic stadium could

They could go back to playing the grey cup in the domes and just split the take from the game between all teams. The extra money would help the teams that need the most help. Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, Their cities would of course make the money from the week of festivities. Hotels, meals etc…? And you wouldn’t have to have this constant beef about moving the season up… I mean you could have just as miserable of a day at the end of october as you can in nov.

Thankfully they now do split revenues for the Grey Cup unlike the old days when the host would keep everything. (Although I’m not sure what the exact split is).

Agreed regarding hosting Grey Cups in domes. Except I wouldn’t leave open air stadiums out in the cold so to speak all together, but would favor having more cups (but again not all) in domes or in larger cities for that matter.

Its no longer a rumor. The Commissioner stated that the Grey Cup will be moving a week earlier starting either next year or the year after and he mentioned that move was a “start” which means it may be held even earlier after that .

Obvs places like the big O, bc place and Edmonton are the only stadiums witch no added seats are needed obvs Montreal you can add them, but it’s cheaper to host, but I might be wrong, I wouldn’t have a grey cup in Toronto unless it was gonna be a sell out at Rogers place or make BMO field have 50,000 plus, I personally think all major cities with teams that want a grey cup must be able to make the stadium hold that much for big games, have a 35,000 grey cup in Toronto is a waste of money, Hamilton could get more people to show up,
The CFL should tell each team that if they want a grey cup they need to show there cities will support it, Toronto dosnt give a $&@! About the cfl atm but once the Argos show good attendance and what not then let them

Both New Mosaic Stadium & Tim Horton’s Field are expandable to 40,000 seats.

I will be shocked if Mosaic Stadium gets the 2020 Grey Cup.

IMHO Hamilton will get the 2020 Grey Cup - for political reasons and not financial.

I don’t think Hamilton could fill 40,000 seats. look at the last time it was held there. There were giving tickets away at Pizza Pizza if you bought a slice and pop. Sure interest has improved in Hamilton but I’m not convinced it would be a for sure sell out.

As an Argofan, what would you know about filling a Stadium ::slight_smile:

And By the way the Pizza Pizza deal you refer to was for the Grey Cup in TOR :-[

My bad. This offer was at Hamilton Pizza Pizza location for the Toronto Grey Cup. :slight_smile:

I don’t believe the last Grey Cup game in Hamilton 1996 was sold out.

The league was in a much different place in 1996.

Coming off licking it’s wounds after the failed US expansion. Many though the 96 match would be the last CFL ever played so it obviously wasn’t a hot ticket.

I’m sure Hamilton will pull it off well. Need to price the tickets right to avoid the Pizza Pizza fiasco in Toronto.

The last Grey Cup game in Hamilton did not sell out in large part because Argos fans didn’t buy tickets once their team qualified for the game.

There were a few thousand endzone bleacher seats left and everybody assumed those would get snapped up quickly by Argos fans once Flutie led them to a win in the Eastern final. But surprise! Argos fans did not move the needle on ticket sales. I guess an hour’s drive down the QEW was asking too much of them. Too bad - they missed a thriller.

Organizers had to offer tickets at a big discount through Tim Hortons to move those seats.

I knew they did some kind of promotion to move those seats. Regardless if Argo fans didn’t buy those tickets, they didn’t sell out the game.