2020 Grey Cup- if it happens

So with all 9 teams in the running to host this year's Grey Cup, how will it be handled?
Will each team include a possible GC game as part of season ticket package like they do every year for a possible playoff game (at least Stamps do- I assume others do too) or will this be handled separately? I got to imagine, especially if it's the former, GC tickets won't be the usual $300+ we are used to now-a-days and will rather be more inline with what we play for a regular game with maybe a slight premium.

Anyone have ideas or knowledge?

I would hope that fans are allowed by then and that game would be treated as any other playoff or premium game. Maybe $20 more than the regular season.

Doubt CFL is planning on having any fans in attendance ... adjust later if it is possible

Having some sort of a season is better than not having it at all.

Keeps the league in the news.

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Atlantic Canada. This would be a strong showing for their new franchises and new stadium which will start operation in 2021. Great owners with money!!! How could that go wrong!!! Cheers!!