2020 Free Agent Tracker

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Here’s a twist on the list – The PFAAST – Potential Free Agents All-Star Team:

[td]VAN PELT, Joel[/td]
[td]Add To[/td]
[td]Active Roster[/td]
[td]THAGARD, Quindarius[/td]
[td]Alabama Birmingham[/td]
[td]Add To[/td]
[td]Active Roster[/td]

I’m guessing the “N” on Thagard is likely an error. He spent 3 weeks with the Bills late this spring.

So with Jeremiah being on the 6 game for the majority of the season his 2019 cap space is likely available to be spent with re-signing some of our FAs. Since it would have to be spent prior to Jan 1 I can see the team signing a few with upfront bonus money to be counted against the 2019 cap. I will be very surprised if the team does not sign one or more prior to January.

May already be signed.

What does the receiving corps look like in 2020?
I thought the depth was a strong suit of the offence this past season.

Dec. 10th — https://www.cfl.ca/transactions/ — shows that NAT OL Brett Golding is the 6th, of the 10 TiCats who finished this season on the Practice Roster, to have signed for 2020. Still free agents, from that list: GL K Amavizca, AM LB Crump, AM DB Likely an AM WR Sumpter

Tough to keep track with all the one year contracts signed but I believe

are signed

Addison, Tasker, Jones are FAs

WRs also signed are American Jalin Marshall and Nationals Ungerer and Marcus Davis.

NATs Coombs and Brian Jones are also on the list of potential FAs.

Dec. 11th - TiCats register as signed for 2020 AM DE Yurik Bethune who was on the expanded P.R. here, this season, from Sept. 12 to Oct. 8.


A bit light for DE at 6 feet 4 inch 210 pounds. Convert to middle linebacker ?

Bethune was among the final cuts at the NFL Falcons’ training camp, a month before coming to Hamilton. They had him playing outside LB.

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Agents have already being doing this, now it is just legal. :wink:

I suspect that is the case.

This part seems quite strange to me:


Joey Alfieri@joeyalfieri

[ltr]Every time another team makes a potential FA an offer, it will be sent to CFL and CFLPA so everyone knows exactly what’s being offered in every case. The thing is teams can pull these offers up to a day before the free-agent period begins[/ltr]

Good summary of HAM’s situation.

Free Agency 2020: East Division breakdown


On offence, they have Bralon Addison, Luke Tasker, Mike Jones, Tyrell Sutton, Anthony Coombs, Mike Filer, Ryker Matthews and quarterback Jeremiah Masoli among their potential free agents.

The co-GMs in Hamilton start into their offseason plan with three of their starting offensive linemen, a quarterback in Dane Evans that proved he can lead a team, and playmakers in Brandon Banks and Jaelon Acklin. The Tabbies have a pretty good up and coming depth as well with Jesse Gibbon on the offensive line and Marcus Tucker in the receiving corps. Running back Sean Thomas-Erlington showed he can produce in the backfield when healthy, and Maleek Irons will look to make a jump in his second season in the league. Added bonus: they’re both Canadian.

Of their potential free agents, Jeremiah Masoli will likely have to sign an incentive-laden contract due to his injury history. After Dane Evans climbed into the starting role, Masoli may get some opportunities in Ottawa or Toronto to give those teams a boost. Bralon Addison‘s price goes up after an impressive season but with Masoli’s contract potentially offering a little more flexibility, you could see some money freed up for him, though Hamilton will likely have to spend a lot to keep their defensive unit together.

Defensively looks much worse with Ted Laurent, Dylan Wynn, Ja’Gared Davis, Adrian Tracy, Julian Howsare, Justin Tuggle, Tunde Adeleke, Richard Leonard, Frankie Williams, Jumal Rolle and Rico Murray.


Nine of 12 starters in the Grey Cup are potential free agents with a few of their back-ups as well. This is the biggest headache for the Tiger-Cats because players like Wynn, Davis, Adeleke, Leonard, Williams will see their free-agent price go up. This is why you have to prioritize. With Simoni Lawrence, Delvin Breaux and Cariel Brooks under contract, you have to think the priority to re-sign players will be up front. Dylan Wynn and Ja’Gared Davis will be hard to replace and their play helped the production for those behind them in the defence.

One problem, their agents will all know that their clients will have plenty of suitors around the league for teams looking to upgrade their defence.

Dec. 12th - Another signing, for 2020, of a familiar name – Eddy Wilson, AM DT, who was a final cut at the Cats’ Training Camp this year, put on the P.R., then dressed for Games 2 and 3. He was back on the P.R. until being released prior to Game 10.