2020 CFL Free Agency

Via the main page of the site, I thought that the following was a rather good summary of free agent QBs in the CFL.

And so may the annual free agent chatter on our forum begin now with much more through mid-February.

Its about time Macbeth is getting some love. That article says it all.
In the complete total mess of a team that the Argos were last year.
He proved he could make all the passes. Got all the Argos top receivers involved.
Imagine if he gets a REAL OC this year!
That actually gives him a running game opposed to benching the best RB they had in Wilder Jr.
Time will tell as ole Chappy officially got the boot outa Toronto.

rumor is FAZach Collaros to the Argos.

I just can’t tell if MBT is a legit starter in this league who can win his team some games…or a safe, reliable if over-qualified #2.

MBT is a definite gunslinger but not sure about his mobility and is prone to some bad games (not sure if that was partly due to the team around him), hence the move to Franklin. Working with a good co-ordinator in a more well-rounded offence that features a running attack could help him immeasurably (especially with play-action).

Yup thats pretty much wat MBT is at this point.
Throwing for 4,000 Yards in a tire fire is nothing to sneeze at tho.
Hence here we are Macbeth is a tweener right now

Well on the CFL home page there is an article about how much more expanded is CFL free agency now and that’s even before the NFL and CFL moves are factored.

This might be the busiest season of free agency ever in the CFL.

Only some early signings are at hand so far on the free agency tracker with some known veteran names.

We’ll see if the real action restarts about 7 January.

Yes. Thats wen it will start moving.
If your a player who doesnt get any kind of montary bonus to sign an NFL futures contract. Good chance ya may apply for the final XFL supplemental draft and play there. Especially the younger guys from CFL or NFL practice rosters. For different reasons.
Veterans who played in NFL at some point last season or two that that may have came to CFL later in the season. May use the XFL to get some live action. Then sign with the CFL as the Timing is perfect.

We are starting to see some CFL vets who been there done that with NFL and these upstart leagues are starting to re sign with current teams.
While others are wisely going to check out the CFL FA waters come Feb.

Jeremiah Masoli can now come off the list.

Singed through 2020. No word on $$$

…good on the ticats for that signing, head into training camp with two legit starters and let them battle for the top spot…the ticats have the best opportunity to rep the east again in the 2020 GC imo…

That’s a bit surprising to me. But smart move by the Cats if it doesn’t make their cap space too tight.

The value of other FA QBs just went up.

A major surprise with Masoli re upping with the Cats.
You would have thought he would have at least tested the waters?

Given the success that the Tiger-Cats had last year, I can see why Masoli would want to stay there. He’s been through a lot with the organization since 2013 and I think he wants to win a Grey Cup in Hamilton, specifically. Plus, he may not be ready to start the 2020 season and may have had a similar playing situation if he went elsewhere.

Test the waters? I dont think the two teams (agros and RB’s) could even hold water for him to test. Why would a guy in his prime even consider going to a team that has a very rookie head coach in Ottawa or a team with a very rookie GM in TO. Plus the fact that there is a lot of uncertainty around both of those teams rosters.

Sometimes winning and a winning culture is worth much more than the little increase in salary IMO.

He, Simoni, and Banks are true Hamiltonians.

And Hamiltonians don’t leave unless there is good reason to.

There wasn’t.

I agree. Masoli is a great fit there in Hamilton.

He’s been elsewhere already, and right now for him I think there would be more risk for him to start anew somewhere else especially with a coaching staff overhauled as well.

I was hoping my Argos would make a run for him, especially now with an offensive minded new HC.
We still are desperate for a first string QB.

Well for Toronto it would seem as Though Dinwiddie would like to bring Arbuckle with him from Calgary.
While Pinball seems as though he had wanted Collaros back from late season trade to Winnipeg and now is a FA.
Now with Masoli off the board.
The Argos will now have to make a decision.
The Argos decision IMO will be the next to narrow the QB field.
Ottawa will have to wait it out. With Lapo now in Ottawa. They may have to wait the longest. As in Winnipeg they can re sign either Nichols or Potentially Collaros before feb Free Agency starts.
The chess game has begun

Good smart move by Masoli and Ti Cats. He won’t be ready to go for awhile. It’s a two QB league now. And he’s a happy guy in Hamilton. it seems.

I think every team should budget for two good QBs now. About $600-000-700,000 for both. A good 2 QB tandem can extend careers by 2-4 years, and get some playoff dollars coming in. Move to the city. Build a nice home and life.

Bad news for Ticats fans, though. Hamilton released Bralon Addison to allow him to try out the NFL. A number of teams are quite interested in him down there, apparently.

Hopefully if things don’t work out down south, he’ll remember his success here and the favour the Cats did for him and re-sign with Hamilton. It’s my understanding that players are pretty good about that, despite being “free agents.”