2020 CFL draft tonight

I’ll be watching tonight need some kind of sport haha.
Calgary picks first I think they will pick that o line man from the U of A , my Riders pick at #7 we need help at the LB position . Any one else gonna watch?

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Here is some info on the draft, draft order top prospects

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Darn it. I was just going to initiate a draft thread for my fellow Cat worshipers and here I've been upstaged by a GangGreen fan. :sleeping: Well you snooze, you lose. :sunglasses: At least I can add that the "show" starts at 8:00 EDT on TSN. Be there or be square. :grinning: :slightly_smiling_face: :+1: :mask:


Hamilton needs to come away with two Canadian receivers
A a kicker an offensive and defensive lineman
And maybe a defensive back

Your cats are in great shape now not sure on your pressing need other then depth on the Dline maybe a good D tackle??

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Not sure how the ratio plays out but they might need a receiver or two, as Mike Jones was not re-signed, plus a new kicker as Lirim signed with the Rams. Also you can never have too much depth. They have also in recent years drafted linebackers and db's to play on ST's.

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That’s true, I forgot about Lirim and Jones

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There is a couple good receivers Claypool and Brissett not sure if Claypool would come back to the CFL but he’s good

Is this the first time TSN will cover the draft live?

No they have in past years, it’s been a staple in our house

Here in Regina there is always a draft party at watering holes across the city

You can expect Claypool back in the CFL for at least five years
By that time they'll be players better than him you can get cheaper

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The Ticats biggest need is on Dline. Either someone that can back up Ted Laurent or as a ratio buster DE as there are a few in this draft.

They also need a receiver with not signing Mike Jones and there are about 5 good ones in this draft.

We always can use good olinemen and our Center Mike Filer's best days are behind him.

Since we have Okafor and Gibbon both ready to start at guard or tackle I think there is a very strong athletic center in this draft that I think they will scoop up.

We also always need strong fast athletic players for special team and they are usually linebackers and athletic DE'S

Also picking the best player available comes into play if the guy is head and shoulders above the positional requirement choice you had planned to take.

Here are my Ticats 2020 Draft predictions:

5th Isaac Adeyemi-Berglund DE . SE. Louisiana. ( big time rush end and great on special teams, could change the ratio in a few years when Laurent is done )

8th Dylan Giffan. OT, Western ( A solid huge highly touted OLINEMAN ., could have a long solid career in the CFL at Guard or Tackle . Local Boy)

17th Trivel Pinto WR. , UBC ( Speedy receiver..drug issues dropped his rankings , could be our starting national receiver over Ungerer if we start a national at receiver, )

27 th Stavros Katsantonis DB UBC ( hard hitting and great cover guy and ideal for special teams player. could be our future safety )

36th Mark Legghio K, P Western ( He broke College record of most field goals in career..he punts and kicks well. Slight chance for NFL interest. Could be a CFL All-Star for many years )

45th Andrew Becker OC, OG Regina ( A very Athletic strong man who can play center or Guard ..would be Filer's replacement )

54th Brian Herelimana. LB Montreal ( A great tackler and perfect special teams player )

63rd Stephane Tanguay , OL, Simon Fraser Lots of Upside and played against solid dlinemen)

72knd Kurtis Gray , LB, Waterloo ( A potential special teams player)

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One think I consider under-rated, related to the CFL Draft, is a player's home town. I always get a bonus feeling when I see a TiCat pick is from somewhere, other than the Maritimes, with no CFL city closer than Hamilton or Toronto.

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Another under-rated item are the viewers.

I wonder how draft strategies might change with teams realizing that there may not be a 2020 season.

Choosing a player who is not available until next year (which teams have often done anyway) makes more sense than ever.

One might even ask whether some graduating players who expected to play pro ball in 2020 will make different life choices (i.e. getting a job) rather than wait around for a full year. That could make them less attractive in the draft than normal.

Will teams still sign their draftees to 2-year contracts starting in 2020? Meaning they may only be assured to have the player on their roster for one season before he becomes a free agent. Hardly enough to "develop" someone.


Very good point , seems to me I’ve heard this talk in other sports as well

Here is a good primer for tonight’s draft

I believe that TSN will show only the first two rounds and then stream the rest. Does anyone have a link for the stream event? (Asking for a friend, lol). :wink: :grinning: :mask: :football: :football: :football:

here maybe