2020 CFL All-Star series

I have an idea to save a least some of the 2020 season. A best of 5 game series beginning the last Saturday in October and continuing for the next 5 saturdays (if needed) ending in mid to late november. Teams would be comprised of players from each of their divisions via a draft. The draft process would begin as early as possible in time for a mini camp in early to mid October. Draft choices would be made by CFL fans to be conducted on line. The process would be broadcast on a weekly show on TSN (if they are willing. can't imagine they would not) as the draft progresses. Three programs would be appropriate: Special teams and coaching staff on week 1. Defensive players on week 2. and finally offence on week 3, culminating with the choices for QB.

All eastern all star home games would be played in Toronto. All Western All Star home games to be played in Vancouver. Domed stadiums would ensure weather is not a factor. A coin toss would determine the location of the first 2 games. Games 3 and (4 if needed) would take place at the opposing division teams home site. Game 5 if needed would also alternate sites.


  1. Allow a limited number fans in the stadiums following a strict safety protocol to be determined to protect against Covid 19 transmission.

  2. In an effort to maximise revenue, consider selling the series on pay per view. Money raised to go to the CFL Teams.

  3. Obtain an agreement from to owners of private suites in each of the 2 stadiums to allow the CFL to make them available via a lottery to fans, to include Suite tickets, with the CFL to adding airfare and accommodations. Money raised to go the CFL Players.


That's a good idea.

You have the hub in Winnipeg ready to go.

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Actually a pretty interesting format! I love a good draft, especially re-drafting already known star players. :slight_smile:

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Sure, Winnipeg would work. Do think Randy Ambrosie reads these posts?

Based on how he handled the current crises, debatable.

Nevermind Randy, What about the presidents and board of governors of the CFL teams.

NOT a good idea. You would risk getting a star player hurt with no training camp, no pre season games, so that a Grey Cup game can be played to satisfy who? If i was an owner i would say "absolutely not". Let's get ready for a fantastic 2021 season and hope that all of our star players are not released to try the NFL this year, and our players coming up for free agency in January re sign to the teams that they were contracted to play for in 2020.

I'm not suggesting that the Grey Cup be awarded to the winner. To do that I think it would lessen the value of such a valuable and historic cup. There would be a training camp although shorter. As for risk of injury, there is always a risk in any professional sport. I see this as a tournament of the willing. Besides, a lot of players would welcome the chance to earn some good money. NFL cuts this week from 80 down to I think 50 something. I too wish our ex CFL players well and I hope a good number of them stick. having said that there will be a bunch of very talented players available. To answer your question of who this would satisfy, I'll say this. This would satisfy the most important people in the CFL. The Fans! Without fans there is no CFL.

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