2020/21 Olympics... For those who are interested


The majority of USA basketball teams with middle of the road NBA stars did just as well as Canada hockey teams with mixture of rookie and journeymen NHL stars

Both were TROUNCED by European and Asian teams for decades until both nations had a hissy fit and insisted that big name NBA (and NHL) players be allowed to compete as "dream" teams to restore our nations former glory and sell more merchandise

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World Cup is far more important no? Not only did we qualify but we should qualify next run as well (although this is more to do with the expanded play in format than our teams roster)

maybe wc is more important, but also easier to get into for Canada.

Even though it has been a long time since they did

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After all the hype of the NBA in Canada producing more talent in Canada the higher expectations this translates into better national teams would be expected .

All the high drafts and hoopla over this really just translates into individuals who are Canadian playing in the NBA and not so much about Canada being represented .

Not that I blame them millions upon millions are at stake now .

The Toronto Raptors in Canada in terms of the mens national team success has never materialized .

One of the motives surrounding MLS inception and the CPL is to have better teams representing the US and Canada in soccer nationally .

One would expect that would also be the case for the NBA in Canada if the NBA is the best league in the world and we have more players than ever playing pro in the NBA .

Maybe it's the selection of players or they don't mix right or the coach has trouble getting them to buy into the team's game plan .

They need a Jack Donohue type again to restore certain number of players that buy into the national team aspirations .

Ironically AFTER the MLS / CPL our National Soccer team is far worse than it was BEFORE the leagues establishment

As in MUCH worse
Go figure eh
At least we can point to our 1904 Gold Medal for soccer

Our National Basketball program has also fallen apart (way more successful pre-Raptors than current decades)
1974-1986 we were competitive, even if we did not get medals

Even more ironically; both our WOMENS national teams have improved
Logic eh

No logic is right . We expected a team with Nick Nurse coaching would play better .

It really hasn't translated into success for our national teams .

Now they seem to lose it seems to anyone with a pulse .

Japanese Public Health wants to halt the Olympics and if they proceed they hope to be fanless

The Japan 2020 is going to be such a lame duck Olympics
Should have just cancelled


Nothing about this renewed plan ever made any sense but for the only reason - those Olympic sponsors and all the money flowing around that is not going to athletes except from often certain authoritarian states but only if they bring home a medal. Then there are all those free drugs floating around that just can't seem to be detected in so many of all those tests ...

Yes for this entire Olympics I do agree.

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From what I have read the IOC TV rights are the main reason we see the hard push ahead
Billions on the line here

The host nation will not get anything back when you consider the cost of infrastructure spent in hopes of millions on tourists who now stay home

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It's official now. No fans at the Olympics:

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did you ever expect different??

Yes I did given how they persisted, but there's the news and it's not surprising though late. What did you expect?

I expected no fans and was not totally convinced it would happen at all. I also expected many athletes if not countries to decline to participate.

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It looks like it will happen, but whatever it will be will not be worthy of the title of the event. What a far cry from 2016.

Vast majority of athletes were out violating things like lockdowns and stay home rules

Canadian athletes as an example fled Canada to train in Mexico while people like Ford said stay home

Japan now has a stay home order as well so Olympics are over

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Yes, but,

You get thousands of male and Female fine tuned athletes cooped up in Athletes village and their is some major tail going on!

The Olympics in Rio. Last year, the IOC purchased 450,000 condoms just for the games which was enough latex for each Olympian to have sex about 42 times

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Sounds like the prevailing mentality might be again "(expletive) the event and medals - I'm here for the (expletive)"

The stories from the Olympic village in the last decade since about 2006, once social media were at hand in the mainstream youth, are legendary.

maybe sex should become an Olympic event.

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Or a demonstration sport? Maybe only if Amsterdam hosts.

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