2020/21 Olympics... For those who are interested

Was looking at the baseball/softball

Assuming that the softball is women, only 6 teams. Doesnt seem worth it

Assuming that the baseball is men, what a weird schedule and bracket for 12 teams.

Tournament-of-Baseball-EN.pdf (tokyo2020.org)

Canada's Men Basketball team didn't qualified for the Tokyo Olympics. What happened to all the talent from Canada that was suppose to put the country on map as a basketball power? This just proves that basketball players aren't team players, but concerned about their personal stats

It's usually a tough sell for Canadian NBA players to suit for their own country at times.

Rick Fox was a prime example of his unwillingness to play for Canada.

how in the world does losing in OT prove this RIDICULOUS point. You have truly outdone yourself.

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So that proves your point that these guys are only playing for personal stats? That is what you draw from that loss? OKay dokie.

I take that a team that has played together for years has a more than decent shot at beating a collection of talented players which has been put together overnight.

Each to their own I guess.

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While I agree that on paper Canada "should" have won this game the loss I don't believe proves that the players only care about their stats.
The Czech team play pro in Europe, are by no means "scrubs" and have played together many times for their country, they are huge tough players and played very well. Canada has NBA players, thats true, but not front line NBA guys for the most part. They were a small guard centric and had no true centre. Its a tough loss for them no question. They did not get the result they wanted but it does not prove in any way Dave's point that basketball players only care about their personal stats imo

See James Harden as proof of a "me" player only interested in his personal stats.

Canada's Men's Basketball team choked. They couldn't hit the 3 pointers. Team Canada in hockey plays international rules and are cobbled together at the last minute, they make adjustments while the Men's National Basketball team can't do like wise.

It will be 24 years since Canada last played in the Olympics, if they qualify. That was a big disappointment for the national team program

none of which is proof of your original theory Dave m'boy.
No need to move the goal posts for every time you respond or stamp your feet or flip outor tell me to FO.

Basketballers aren't team guys and never will. The only time basketball players want to be on teams if they are stacked.

You are being a troll and stop replying if you don't like my comments. You are on my ignore list. Have a nice life

Yeah you mentioned before that I was on your ignore list because you don't like to be given an alternative to your posts. Basketball is a world wide sport you know, not just a few high profile NBA free agents.

Certainly the Czech squad played well as a team.

And Canada had 8 NBA players on the roster, you would expect that we would be the 2nd best team in the world.

A collection of 8 middle of the road NBA guys thrown together does not guarantee success against tough Euro pros who are their countries best players and have played together for years. You guys know that no?

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I wonder if our men's soccer team will ever qualify for the Olympics.

Maybe not the Olympics, but you never know since many countries don't see Olympic soccer as very important. It's the World Cup that is the big one and where countries put out the best players.
Canada should make the 2026 World Cup since the host country gets an automatic berth

Do you know where WC will be played in Canada in 2026?

It will be only Edmonton and Toronto hosting games. Montreal officially pulled out today

2026 World Cup Montreal withdraws as a host city - TSN.ca

Thanks. Edmonton and CW stadium will be PERFECT.

Good news for Toronto and Edmonton, they will get more games.
When you see how many fans travel from their country to see their team that's a lot of money coming in.
BMO gets a major expansion and no doubt the government will sink in a lot of money towards it. A lot of temporary seats at both ends and I would like to see that West side replaced with a two tier permanent structure and a concourse between the upper and lower.
Edmonton only needs to replace the turf with grass

Basketball Power???
Since when

We qualified for Olympics only 9 times (out of a potential 29 games)
We played in Olympics 8 times (9 - the 1980 boycott)
We have a single silver medal (1936)
We are ranked 21st in the world (for a 12 team tournament? Really amazing we nearly qualified...)