2020-2021 off-season restructuring of contracts

As per the CFL transactions of November 25,2020, we had the names of the CFL veterans, per team, that had signed contracts for the upcoming 2021 season. Toronto had the highest number at 45 while Montreal had the lowest at 9. This definitely explain why Toronto had only 24 potential free agents while the average for the 8 other teams was 41, with Edmonton and Montreal the highest with 48 each.

In this off-season, we did read or hear that for the 2021 season the CFL teams will have to reduce their 2021 salary costs. For the 2021 season the maximum cap is at $5,350. millions while the minimum or floor is at $4,750. millions. The rumour has been that teams will have to spend in 2021, for players salaries, closer to the minimum cap than closer to the maximum cap. Taking into considerations salary provisions for players on 1 game injured lists and practice rosters, there is no way that a team can spend no more than $4,750. millions for players salaries in 2021. For me, a more realistic amount ranges between $4,950. millions and $5,1. millions.

The teams that had already signed players for 2021, signed them on the understanding that spending or committing to the cap max. of $5,350. was OK. They were not anticipating that some contracts would have to be restructured or reduced before beginning of season in order to reduce the 2021 salary costs of players.

While I do think that teams could always decide to work with the max. cap of $5,350. ,I am positive that most teams will do the outmost to reduce these costs in 2021, knowing that some players will be asked to accept reductions on their present signed contracts. Some players that refuse could be released.

From December 7,2020 to December 23,2020 inclusively, there have already been 45 players that have accepted to restructure their contracts that were signed for 2021. The numbers of players, per team, that have accepted restructurings are:

Edmonton: None so far.
Winnipeg: None so far.
Hamilton: 1
Montreal: 2, including QB Vernon Adams JR.
BC: 3, including QB Mike Reilly.
Calgary: 4, including QB Bo Levi Mitchell.
Ottawa: 4
Saskatchewan: 8
Toronto: 23

Total of 45.

I am positive that more restructurings will occur in the next weeks.


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I think players and teams will do whatever is necessary to get onto the field in 2021. I also think there will be a very positive response from fans as soon as they are allowed into the stadiums again. 2022 to 2025 is when players will get some reward for their sacrifice now.

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Today, 5 players of Edmonton have had their contracts restructured. They are:

QB Trevor Harris
OL David Beard
DB Jonathon Mincy
DL Mike Moore
OL Jacob Ruby



I definitely don't see collusion. New cap requirements is the same as saying a team wants to reduce their salary costs. The max. cap remains at 5,350. but nothing prevent teams to try to spend less. It has happened in the past.

15 days or so ago, Danny Maciocia, GM of the Alouettes, said that the President gave him a number/an amount that was to be reduced in players' salaries. Danny told the media that they will not spend up to the max. cap. No fuss/ no big deal. Since then, some contracts were restructured and players that re-signed were told that their new salary was less, in most cases, than in 2019. No problems with players and so far 17 potential free agents have been re-signed. I expect more this week.

CFL teams lost tens of $$$$$ millions in 2020, and I understand that costs have to be/had been reduced in football operations, coaching staff, administration and finally in players salaries. ALL PROFESSIONAL LEAGUES DID SO!


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If the expansion topic thread is correct, and Halifax is looking at 2022, it could make a difference in how teams plan and structure their rosters. Those expansion drafts can ruin a lot of teams at depth positions and starting Nationals.

If and it is a BIG IF, the League has mandated teams to reduce payroll,

It is collusion
1 CFL Agent seems to be suspicious!

Players don't have to accept to restructure contracts. The teams then make decisions to keep or release these players if they think it's in the best interest of the teams.

While some agents will always complain-they care more about their monies than players monies- we have not heard complains from Players Association.

COVID-19 has been though on millions and millions of Canadians. Millions have lost their jobs, businesses have or will close and the CFL is not immune. The Governors and I am sure the Players want the CFL to survive. I do think that the great majority of players do understand and are ready to do their part. I am positive that no one wants another wasted season. A reduced salary is still better than no salary at all.



^^^^ Agreed

Since December 24,2020 an addition of 22 players have seen their contracts restructured, for a grand total of 67. The numbers per team are:

Winnipeg: None so far.
Montreal: 2.
Hamilton: 3.
BC: 4.
Ottawa: 4.
Calgary: 5.
Edmonton: 7.
Saskatchewan: 9.
Toronto: 33.

Total of 67.

A happy and healthy new year in 2021.


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Looks to me like a great numbers of players will be returning to the teams they were to play for in 2020. I am happy to see that.
Richard, thanks for the great update.

In the next weeks/month other contracts will be restructured; usually when a player's contract is restructured, the team extend the contract for another year; if a contract was to expire in 2021 and is restructured 1 more year will be added. If in 2022, 1 more year will be added to 2023. Ex.David Beard of Edmonton.

I include the names of players, per team, that are already signed for 2021 and whose contracts should or could be restructured. They are:

Aaron Grymes DB A
Sukh Chung OL N
Brett Boyko OL N

Sean McEwen OL N
Justin Lawrence OL N

Victor Evans DE A
Anthony Covington DB A
Jake Ceresna DL A

Dylan Wynn DL A
Jumal Rolle DB A
Ted Laurent DL N
Delvin Breaux DB A
Tunke Adeleke DB N

Sean Jamieson OL N

Nick Arbuckle QB A
Brad Sinapoli WR N
Antoine Pruneau DB N
Alex Mateas OL N
Nolan MacMillan OL N
Cleyon Laing DL N

Cody Fajardo QB A Apparently has accepted a restructured contract but no official confirmation from the team.yet.

Matt Nichola QB A
DaVaris Daniels WR A
Philip Blake OL N
Bear Woods LB A

Zach Collaros QB A
Adam Bighill LB A
Darvin Adams WR A
Micah Awe LB A
Willie Jefferson DL A

Next month or so will definitely be interesting; some top players may have to accept a salary reduction in 2021.