202? Summer Olympics

With great disappointment I am not expecting it to happen this year. Have been waiting a long time to see our women play football again.

The pandemic won't be under control by then.

2022 it is.

Yes and to see women playing beach volleyball.

Here's an article out of Australia that discusses the matter and cause for cancellation.

I agree with @mahalcflers that matters won't be under control enough and in my view much at all.

When you read the view of the Japanese defenders who are adamant the show must go on, well, it sure does not sound like any fun at all such that it sure won't be any sort of television spectacle.

The first week is mostly swimming and gymnastics anyway, and though I like watching some of the swimming events every four years, who cares when there is no energy from fans too.

And then athletics events without fans are underwhelming and affects the performances of the athletes too.

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