2019 West Final: Bombers at Roughriders

Dunno if this has been teed up already. Ought to be a good one!

Don’t even care who wins this game… they ain’t stopping the Black and Gold train!!!

I want Winnipeg. LOL

I do agree. We are due.

Me too, their GM is from my hometown.

There is redemption in both games!

I don’t care who wins, I just want them to bear the crap out of each other. $10 says Fajardo doesn’t finish the game


I’ve decided, I hate Winnipig that much… I want them to win, so we can smack them in the mouth and shove that Grey Cup ring down their throat!!

(Yes, I have anger issues)

Did Rod Smith just say Zach Evans had overcome injuries?

King Fajardo fails to move the greenies first drive


Bumblin’ and stumblin’ so far.


Bomber ball!

:smiley: ;D

Collaros with the TD strike!

10-1 Peg after one quarter.

From my training as a high school foorball coach, Zach wears his Helmut too high on his head. Does lead to concussion?

Riders look disinterested in winning this game

They look rattled. Fajardo is exhibit A.

He is a detriment to his team… bad move by the brass not only playing him… but starting him

O’Shea just hacked up hairball… losing his right to challenge the rest of the game… #brainfart