2019 was a great season!

Yeah, I know, we’re bitter about how it ended. But who would have even thought, back in May, that we’d be even in the playoffs, let alone hosting a playoff game? Even though the team has issues to sort out both on and off the field, I have hope for the franchise for the first time in years. We’ve got a great foundation to build on.

Certainly not I. I did not have them in 2nd place, nor a 10-8 record.
There are positives to build off and hopefully with some stability can move forward to an even better season next year.

The 2019 Als season offered excitement -+ results beyond anyones expectations.We have a great core from which to build and I look forward to 2020.

These guys wanna play and it shows.Now it’s time to finalize the ownership and lock in Khari and build for the future.

Thanks to the entire Team for a memorable 2019 season.

Une saison très excitante qui a dépassé les attentes de plusieurs. Avec la saison terminé, il faut absolument conclure la vente de l’équipe et choisir un directeur-général. Nous avons pu identifier les lacunes de l’équipe au cours de la saison et je suis optimiste pour la saison morte et la saison 2020.

I think about Khari and Adams and that talented multidimensional offense and I can’t help but be excited for 2020. Of course, it’s all contingent on getting KJ re-signed and new GM and new ownership, but for now… the future is bright.

The players & coaching staff accomplished something truly remarkable this year… in the midst of so much turmoil, they were able to come together and play some inspired football. That renewed pride & passion translated into success on the field, and re-conquering their long-suffering fan base.

Looking back we might remember this as the season that group saved football in Montreal. Now build on this, announce the new ownership group, find your GM, sign Khari long term, start 2020 hungry for more.

Thanks for making football fun again.

Hope this doesn’t happen.


Yup great season.

With all that happened VS Edmonton the weird thing was that Als were one score away from tying it up with plenty of time remaining. I was sure they were about to do that until that terrible interception.

This was arguably the worst game VA has played, with 3 picks, barely a 50% completion rate, helping Esks to a TOP dominance and a soft defensive performance against a hot QB. But there they were somehow just a breath away. The one thing you can say about the defense they forced a lot of field goals.

But the offense was a bit sloppy as well. A frustrating day for sure.

I feel like I’m whining and I make no bones about my loving of Adams, but there were times I wondered if he was playing to the cameras a bit. The zen breaths, the pounding on the ground, the tears. Just felt a bit off to me for some reason.

any way lets hope the ownership gets sorted out soon.

With a shot at the NFL, i don’t blame them. The Als have always been able to come up with a quality RB…Colbourne, Whitaker, Sutton, Ruttley. Let’s wait and see…gonna be a very interesting off season…many surprises coming.

Never in my life would i have thought to reup my season tickets…maybe just maybe…All depends what plays out in the next couple of months. And im sure i aint the only one…

Hard to point the finger at how VA played. Everytime he came on the field he and his offensive teammates found themselves behind.

To me, this was on Slowik and his worst called game of the season. Mentioned in another post, 3 man rush, very little blitzing, soft zone d, Harris had all day. 36-39 in an ESF game is insane.

I have no problem with VA’s performance or his showing of emotion.

The loss is on Slowik … no doubt IMO … but it is fair to point out that it wasn’t a good game from Adams … one interception was atrocious (focused on one receiver, threw into a crowd and never saw the one of the three to whom the ball was essentially thrown) … one was thrown into tight one-on-one coverage and the other was a jump ball that the Als lost … many of his big plays this season were great plays by Als receivers fighting for the ball and could very easily have been knocked down or intercepted … it is something that only experience can teach … I believe he will be fine and grow from this game.

Oh yeah…VA will be fine but he was uneven at best.

I think the Esk win is "on " the Esksimos actually

The 2019 Als season was certainly a rejuvenation beyond everyone’s expectations. And Khari Jones certainly deserves the bulk of the credit.

We know now that there is definitely a CFL/Alouette fan base in the city/province. All they were waiting for were to see signs of an exciting competitive team.

The team now has a foundation to build on. The only issue being those ridiculous 1 yr. CFL contracts which can hinder continuity.

Let’s hope we can retain the majority of our players and that the new ownership and GM can build on what has been established this year.

Those are breathing exercises to help him calm down. He was taught to do that by his Psychologist wife.

Definitely was not Adams’s best game, no question. But it was a long way from that gong show defensive performance. If they actually get some stops, we probably win that game, even with Adams’s picks. Hard to get in a rhythm when you’re barely on the field.

The thing is Adams will get better with experience. Slowik will not…

And go ahead VA, show some emotion. I have no problem with it.

Agree … as long as he is capable or bringing himself back into the moment and re-focus likely healthier for him than trying to keep it inside …

I got nothing against Slowik as a person. He seems like a nice old guy. But that was seriously one of the worst defensive performances I’ve ever seen in a playoff game. Not the kind where the players are blowing assignments left and right, but the kind where the scheme is pitifully insufficient. He basically gave his players knives and sent them to a gunfight.

Guys I would consider as DC:

Mark Nelson
Thorpe (yeah, not my first choice, but if he’s available he’s a candidate)
A position coach from another team with at least three years of CFL coaching experience