2019 Schedule-Alouettes

The Alouettes have definitely a great schedule for 2019. In most instances, they have 7 days between games.

They open the season in Edmonton, on Friday, June 14,2019.
They open the season at home, against Hamilton, on Thursday,July 4,2019.
They close the season in Ottawa, on Friday,November 1,2019.

The game days are:
1 Thursday. 1 home game.
6 Fridays. 4 home games and 2 away games.
10 Saturdays.4 home games and 6 away games.
1 Sunday. 1 away game. Atlantic game, against Argos.

Their 3 week offs are as follows:
Week 2. After 1 game.
Week 7. After 4 games after break.
Week 12. After 4 games after break.
Week 13 to 21. Play 9 games after 3rd break.


Contrairement aux précédentes années, les Alouettes jouent beaucoup de matchs contre des rivaux de division en début de saison. Plus que jamais nous aurons besoin d’un départ canon.

Sinon je suis déçu de voir que la LCF (ou TSN) a décidé de ne pas faire de parties le lundi de l’action de grâce. La game des Alouettes à cette date était un peu devenue une tradition.

More so than the June 14 start to the Als 2019 season, I am looking forward to Nov. 2.

That is the day after the final Als 2019 game. And hopefully after what is certain to be another mediocre season, the much needed organizational changes will begin to occur.

I am puzzled by your pessimism, Sheldon. Don’t read me wrong and don’t think that I am assuming that the Als will have a great season in 2019. Mind you, I sincerely hope that it will be much better than the past 2 years and it’s my only wish,for now. All I know is that all teams are currently 0-0 and will remain as such until June 13,2019.

Yes, I have concerns but there are question marks with other teams. Calgary won’t be the same if they lose QB Bo Levi Mitchell and Nat. LB Alex Singleton. Will Mike Reilly re-sign with Edmonton; if not, they are an average team. Who will be the QB of Saskatchewan? If Winnipeg can’t re-sign Int. LB Bighill the defence will be quite weaker.

At this time of the year, the team with less concerns, at least to me, is Hamilton followed by Ottawa.-Yes, Trevor Harris will be re-signed-

If ever the team is as mediocre as in the past 2 years, changes will occur before November 2,2019, Sheldon.


Not pessimism Richard, realism. And the other CFL teams getting weaker doesn`t make the Als better.

I know I am repeating myself, but Kavis has shown he does not know how to build a team, and they have no scouting dept. They will have to sign 3-4 elite free agents to perhaps be able to compete.

I am also realist,but definitely more optimistic than you, Sheldon.

One of us will be wrong in 2019.

Enjoy the Holidays Sheldon.


Well Richard I certainly hope I am the one who will be wrong.

Happy Holidays to you Richard, a great Alouette and CFL fan!

I am with you Sheldon.
Allot of work Mr Reed has ahead of him.


And I do not see top F/A signing here over legitimate contending teams.

I too hope I am wrong.

Happy holidays to all.

Add a pass rushing DE or two to your list, tony.

And yes, happy holidays to all Als fans.

Thanks for your comments,Sheldon.

While we never met, I nevertheless consider you a friend.


Thanks Richard.

It would be nice if we could all get together at some point in person.

Agreed MadJack.

Lack of recruiting south of the border too.

Just about every aspect of an organization.

Here’s to 2019!

Sheldon is unfortunately right. The Alouette bird came out of its den and saw its shadow. That means at least one more bad season for the Alouettes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Als will not be competitive unless they can score.

Is that possible with the current group of OL and quarterbacks? If the answer is no, how realistic is it to fix it in one off-season? Evidently, not easy based on recent history. The last time the Als had a good offense was when Marc Trestman was Head Coach. Last time thay even had a mediocre offense was the year after Trestman left. Als have had bad offenses the last 5 seasons (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018).

Right now, the most likely scenario in my opinion is the Alsstarts off the 2019 season slowly as usual. Andrew Wetenhall will grow tired of this and pull the plug on Kavis Reed at some point during the season.

I agree this will be the likely scenario, but unfortunately too late to have any positive effect on the 2019 season.

The glass is always half-full.

Except it ain’t