2019 Rule Changes

Some quick hits
-Removing the stipulation that allows a defender to contact a kickers plant leg w/o penalty if the defender has touched the ball prior to contact.
(so much for blocked punts)

Whistling a play dead anytime a QB carrying the ball gives themselves up by sliding with any part of their body. (prev. a QB could only do so by hook slide.
This one’s gonna screw up some defensive players for a while.

Coaches will be entitled to a second challenge if their first is successful, giving them a potential maximum of two per game instead of just one.
about time on this one,

Allowing the Command Centre to assist on-field officials with called and non-called roughing the kicker penalties.
this will definitely be implemented fairly and equally for all teams… now excuse me while i buy brooklyn bridge from this guy i just met

If a player receives two 25-yard penalties in the same game, they will be disqualified from that game.

In other news, Kyries Hebert has retired… hahaha

Don’t like the new blocked punt rule . If the guy gets the ball first there is a good chance he’s going to get a part of the kicker inadvertently .

I do however understand the rationale if it’s a way of protecting players and bringing down costs if you don’t have to look for another punter if he gets injured with his leg exposed .


Dumb. These Yo-Yos just sit around some roundtable brainstorming idiotic and uneccessary rule changes in order to validate their existence.

The change I’d like to see to the punting rules is the “This Ain’t Soccer” clause, a.k.a. the “Ty Long Honorary Anti-Dive Rule.”

If a punter takes a dive without being touched, he has two choices:

  1. Sit out the rest of that game, or the next full game against that opponent (opponent gets to decide)

  2. Keep playing, but all prohibitions on contacting or roughing the kicker are suspended for the rest of that game

As I like to say, anyone who makes a mockery of rules designed to protect them from injury does not deserve to be protected.

They both would be bush league punishments. Taking a dive, is no more morally wrong than clipping in pro ball. When you look for an edge, when you think it’s there, you either get it or you don’t.

  1. Receive 40 lashes at centre field administered by Andre Proulx.

That would put an end to the diving. ;D

But if you eliminate this edge the diving would stop…why reward a diver?EVER??

Well, I suppose most penalties are incurred because the player felt there was some advantage to be obtained. I’m not sure that’s a reason to avoid punishing the infraction.

Perhaps need a moral ranking of all football rule violations:

  • Is offside worse than no yards?
  • Is pass interference worse than holding?
  • Is a late hit worse than a face mask?

Once we have the complete ranking, we will have accomplished … what, exactly?

My worry is that contacting the kicker will be like roughing the passer, and subject to very liberal interpretations by some officials.

But, if diving is perceived to be a problem, why not institute a diving penalty, or, if we have one, enforce it? All contacting the kicker penalties could be reviewable, and if it was a dive, make it a major penalty, i.e 15 or 25 yards. If it occurs within 15 yards of the goal line, automatic safety touch.

Or, if diving is not a problem, let it go.

What about the “pat on the back” dive that cost us the 2014 Grey Cup?

I am all for the player safety rules, but I think the extra coaches review ( if your first one is correct) will just unnecessarily slow down the game.

What was wrong with one review ( right or wrong) per game. If you’re wrong, you lose a timeout,if you are correct you don’t. Simple and easy.

There are too many stoppages as it is. Sometime it already feels like that Canadian Tire and Wendy commercials are the actual program , interrupted occasionally by the game .

Like you I believe penalties need to be applied to rules infractions, but bush league penalties, like those suggested by you in your earlier posting? No way! They’re bush league extreme. The player doesn’t commit murder by diving. A 5 or 10 yd penalty and maybe a rekick would suffice for punishment. To date actually, wrong contacting the kicker calls when a kicker fakes contact is only exposing an incompetence in officiating the play. Assigning a penalty for a perceived dive that didn’t happen, could simply further enhance any presently perceived incompetence, when fans and other players see it different.

What exactly gets accomplished, you ask?

Are you forgetting that penalty severity for play and moral violations are already ranked: 5yds, 10 yds, 15 yds, 25 yds, ejection and suspension. Your call for a suspension simply for a perceived dive is simply, to me, over the top.

… As satirical posts tend to be. (The hint was where I said players should be able to rough the kicker at will with no consequence for an entire game.)

The following is not satire, but what I actually believe.

I think diving deserves a special place in the sports hall of shame. It has made the game of soccer virtually unwatchable for casual fans and the subject of great ridicule. And the fact that soccer players tend to enter our league as kickers means we need to be vigilant about letting them bring their dive culture to the game of football.

There is also the fact that the contacting/roughing the kicker penalties exist solely to prevent injury. A player who exploits a rule designed to protect him is making a mockery of the rule. It is the moral equivalent of biting a blood capsule and then complaining that your opponent gouged you in the mouth.

That’s different than, say, a receiver pretending he caught a pass when he knows it actually touched the ground. That guy is playing a man’s game like a man, trying to gain every advantage for his team. A diving kicker is playing a man’s game like a child, and should switch to playing e-sports in his mom’s basement.

The problem is that there have been several “non-calls” that were blatantly obvious, should have been caught by a ref, or the command centre and they aren’t. You then waste your 1 challenge on something that was a completely blown call, only to need it later on when there is something that really should be reviewed.

The two challenges rule would have worked perfectly fine in the beginning if it wasn’t for the ability to look for a penalty that had nothing to do with the play. Coaches would go fishing for something just to get the yards and a first down. Not being able to do that drastically changed how they managed their 1 challenge. But last year there were multiple occasions where the challenge was used when it shouldn’t have been necessary.

Huh? Such was not noted in the post relied.

Satire?? ::slight_smile: LOL keep your day job.

No satire seen in your follow up post to my reply either.

I guess maybe i was born yesterday.

Penalty - - 1 game suspension for diving.

So I guess yer not “laughing hard” at ExPat’s attempt at satire then huh ? ;D

From my first post: “2) Keep playing, but all prohibitions on contacting or roughing the kicker are suspended for the rest of that game”

Free-for-all on diving kickers! (And no, I don’t really mean it. But one can dream.)

You should talk to Krisiun, who was quite obviously completely serious when he suggested 40 lashes.