2019 road to the Grey Cup

I know many of people on this site like to comment that Wpg Blue Bomber's didn't, don't deserve the 2019 Grey Cup. So let present some arguments as to why they fully deserve it.

Wpg won the first two preseason games EDM 3 @ Wpg 20 and Wpg 35 @ Sask 29.... Who cares it's preseason but still wins.

Bombers started the season going 7/2 in the first 10 weeks

Wpg 33 @ BC 23....Edm 21 @ Wpg 28....Wpg 29 @ Ott 14....Tor 21 @ Wpg 48.... Ott 1 @ Wpg 31.... Wpg 15 @ Ham 23.... Wpg 27 @ Tor 28.... Cal 24 @ Wpg 26.... BC 16 @ Wpg 32.... some very decisive wins. Matt Nichols is now injured. It was a clean hit.

Winnipeg plays the next 7 games with backup QB's and go 3/5......3 of those games were loses by 4 points or less.
Chris Streveler is a good QB but he plays more like a RB than QB. You need to pass down field to keep your opponent honest.

Wpg 34 @ Edm 28.... LCD Wpg 17 @ Sask 19....BB Sask 10 @ Wpg 35.... Wpg 27 @ Mtl 38....Ham 33 @ Wpg 12.... Wpg 6 @ Sask 21....Mtl 24 @ Wpg 35.... Wpg 33 @ Cal 37....

Zach Collaros takes the helm wins the last regular season game ....Cal 28 @ Wpg 29
11/7 overall

Winnipeg then went on to Calgary WSF Wpg 35 @ Cal 14 a clear victory....

WF in Saskatchewan Wpg 20 @ Sask 14, a hard fough Defensive game....

Finally in Calgary to play the Hamilton, the Top team to beat, they owned Winnipeg both regular season games. Ham 12 @ Wpg 33 Grey Cup Champion, this game closer than the final score, but a decisive victory.

Winnipeg were without a starting QB for 8 games and 2 without Harris in that time and still won 3 of 8 games, four of which were very close.

Yes injuries happen to key players and the season goes on. Zach Collaros was picked up Prior to the trade deadline. Fair to all.

Yes Andrew Harris was suspended 2 games for PED's. I do not make any excuses for that. The very same suspension that every first time violators face. Again fair to all

I've read some people here feel the trade deadline is to late in the season. Doesn't matter, until or unless the deadline changes. That is the deadline. Fair to all

Also many people think PED failure should be more games, I agree. But until or unless that rule changes, that is the rule. Again fair to all.

If I made any errors, spelling mistakes or other faux pas, forgive me

I'm not comfortable on a tablet, my fat fingers hit the wrong letters/ numbers
I'm looking at a 2" x 1" window to proof read.
I'm Dyslexic, something that has plagued me all my life.

Please keep you comments respectful.

They absolutely deserved it, and I for one was happy to see them win it.
Too long was their drought. Maybe some naysayers were a little jealous?

I'm over it,(sort of :angry:)
As the old saying goes
It's not how you start the season, It's how you finish that counts.

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Well put…
Unless your lady likes the foreplay.

The Bombers were the 2019 champs fair and square. Who gives a shit if some haters say they don't deserve it?

Take it from me. I'm a Riders fan. I've heard every bullshit excuse to put asterisks beside ALL of Sask's GC wins. I don't give a gopher's ass what some butthurt hater thinks. I don;t have TIME to care, and you shouldn't either because you got a BIG SHINY RING that says 2019 on it. Just enjoy it and stop demanding everyone else's respect. :+1:

…I don’t think anyone said the ‘19 BBs didn’t deserve the cup and this is just a Rick roll to get us to read the 2019 BBS season!..

Who said the Bombers didn't deserve it? They surely did. Bringing this up in September 2021 is a little dated, don't you think?

2007 has an asterik because Glenn went down in EF… 1989 was well deserved, 2013 was well paid for

Aaaand there it is. Troll on cue. :wink:

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Well, you brought it up, I’m just answering

Poor Dinwiddie. Never took a snap during the regular season and suddenly forced to start in the Grey Cup when Glenn snapped his wing. That was HC Doug Barry’s fault. Stubbornly refused to give his backup some reps even when we were crushing it by half time. He was a total dick on the call in shows too.

I don’t begrudge the Riders for winning the Cup that year. Our coach was an idiot.

I don’t begrudge them either, but facts of the matter are facts of the matter

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That 2007 EF game at Skydome was rocking before the game . Great start up party in the lot across from the dome .

Tons of pregame /tailgating type of activity in that lot with tons of fans .

Good crowd but the Argos crapped the bed that day .

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Huge party in the BC Place lot that day too! :+1:

At the time, my buddy had a habit of bringing his dish and a generator so we could watch the eastern game at the tailgate before heading in for kickoff. When I saw Glenn reach for that fumble and get up holding his wrist I thought, “seriously? omg!”


Now that’s a real fan .

Need more guys enjoying the pregame festivities with the TV or radio on it sets the mood . Some of the Ottawa bus guys leave the pre game radio on from the lot .

Always enjoyed pregame chatter .

We were sitting at that end of the field when Glenn got hurt .

It was his chance to be in the limelight for the GC , not saying they would have won but they would have been better with him at the helm .


OMG is what went through my mind as well. Take away that ONE play and Kevin Glenn (who was with every team in the CFL) gets to win his one and only Grey Cup. :thinking: