2019 Labour Day Classic Play-by-Play Thread

We know the game.
We know the opposition.
We know the kickoff time.
We know what it means to win this game.

C’mon Cats. Take these effers to the woodshed!!

OK Cat’s, let’s kick some butt

great toss, nice catch X2

Perfect throw to Banks and then to Acklin. Good start

Opening drive TD!!!


And 2pt convert; great start gang

EVAN,s. Just like taking candy from a baby. Hope this is a sign of things to come.

OK, I didn’t see that run by Evans coming. And neither did the Arghos, apparently.

TD, Evans!!!

And two more by Banks. Nice start, guys.

Great Dane. Drink #1

WOW just WOW

Who blew chunks on that play…

Ugh. How did Walker get behind Williams like that?

Way to go defence.p

OK, that’s how. Took the bait on the short route. That better not happen again.

As a DB, Williams is a great returner…

Williams bit on the stutter step, it was all jets after that. >:(