2019 Iditarod

A winter storm has hit the Iditarod and is making it very interesting. Poor conditions forecast for the next 36 hrs.

Nic Petit and last year winner Joar Ulsom are out front breaking trail with several others within a few hours and it could be anyone’s race given the conditions.

Zirkle, Seavey, King, Buser, Reddington, Kaiser, and Matt Hall are names to watch. Jesse Royer is following up on the strong Quest race she had last month.

Good commentary and race analysis can be found at Iditarod.com. Forums listed under the Race Center heading will get anyone interested up to speed. GPS tracking and lots more good stuff available as an Insider for $40 but not really any more real time than the forum.

Leaders are starting a long leg up the Yukon river before heading for the Bering Sea coast. I can only imagine the wind.