2019 Home Opener! Riders vs Argos

Not that worried about Cody and the offense, think they’ll put up some points.
BUT the defense and Special teams not looking good which imo is a surprise. Gotta not be giving up 44 points and need to start getting some turnovers.
Neither team can afford to loose this one.

Going to be a ‘great game’ to be at, lots of excitment.
Go Riders

Both teams are hungry for a win. Sask needs the D and ST to show up. Argos need O and D.

Think we will pull away but i have thoughts of some nail biting.

I think O not as good as last week. D and ST better. Close game 1st half and we pull away 2nd half.

I’m really not surprised by STs at all. They lost a pile of their top ST guys…I figured this would be a weakness

The D I am a bit surprised with…Means is lost out there thus far. When it was clear they were going to move to a more traditional D I had no idea how it would look.

I think STs will be much improved this week…but still not where they will be in another couple weeks
No idea on D.

From watching the Ottawa game, the ‘play action’ was definitely the Riders weakness on Defense.
Will be interesting to see which D comes out on top; Corey Chamblin a supposed Defensive guru with bad memories of Saskatchewan or Shivers, a student under Chris Jones…
Should tell alot about our Defensive coordinator.

Micah Johnson needs to step up this game. In the first two he has been very quiet.

Consequence of having a young guy in the middle IMO…should be rotating Hurl in more. Of course Solo actually playing would work to

Create turn-overs, not give them up. Could be the difference between winning or lossing

Glad I’m in the box lol

Great game. Fajardo is impressive, accurate, calm and in control of the huddle. All business, very organized.
I’d say he’s a keeper no doubt. Really impressive performance…again!
Having said that, with a 32 to 7 lead with 10 minutes left I would have like to see Harker get some time. If Farjardo goes down, they’re going wish they had played Harker more.
Defense look way better.

What’s up with Toronto’s no huddle, absolute confusion during play calling with Franklin running around yelling out the play over and over and over. Very disorganized offense and imo extremely poor visual.

Go Riders

Personally I agree…though many make the argument that with only a few starts he can use all the reps. Fair points both ways i suppose

Good game. But it is only Toronto. Feel much better about our offence this year.

That was nothing like what we had north west of Meadow Lake on June 29.

I am amazed no one was killed. It was bad.