2019 Grey Cup Halftime Show

Halftime performer to be announced on E Talk at 7pm tonight.

I don’t recall it ever being announced on this show before. Maybe the only thing CFL related on an OTA channel in the past decade+ :wink:

Any thoughts on who it will be?

Fingers crossed that its Helix

Heart playing magic man and Doug Flutie and his brother Darren playing with them .

Grey Cup in Calgary.
Country or Old Rock Band most likely.

Why don’t they get the band “the Stampeders” to play halftime?

The Glorious Sons.

Superbowl Halftime show announced same day as Grey Cup halftime show announcement.
Superbowl: J Lo and Shakira
Grey Cup: TBC

The older crowd here would hate it, but Shawn Mendes is the biggest Canadian act right now. Would be a huge get for the CFL.

Count me as one who would be headed for refreshments.

But I get it. They want to try and attract the younger crowd.

I’ll say it for a large number of FOOTBALL fans here…

Don’t care who it is.
I watch the broadcast for the football.

Nonetheless, the half time show is a component of the festivities, so it is always interesting to see who is the performer.

Let me hear ya “Raise a Little Hell!” It doesn’t matter to me, I never watch halftime shows. I would watch if they had a punt pass kick competition featuring William Shatner, Bob and Doug McKenzie, and Margaret Atwood.


Keith Urban ;Dthumbs up!!

i personally wish the act would have featured “more” international -yes im aware he’s NZ/AUS- act(s).

The league’s direction is to attract international viewership, so big international acts that draw eyes, in conjunction with big local talent should be what the halftime shows become.

maybe more so in the future once INTL numbers are up?

Not a fan of country music but I do have a lot of respect for Keith Urban. Seems like a really nice, down-to-earth bloke. He does a wicked cover of Glen Campbell’s “Witchita Lineman” too.

First time in a while we’ve gone away from Canadiana, which I am more than okay with. Nothing against CDN recording artists at all, but Grey Cup organizers shouldn’t be restricted by this.

Not a big country fan but I think it’s a good call.

I’m totally okay with it even though I’m not a hurtin’, cheatin’ music kind of guy.

It’ll be a colder day than usual in hell before they ever get an act I listen to at home. But I’m no music snob, and I appreciate that other people’s tastes are just as valid as my own. KU seems like a decent enough get for an international audience.

Solid choice. Will definitely attract some eyeballs.

And speaking of eyeballs, I would rather stick hot needles in my own eyeballs than watch Keith Urban. Ugh…The dude pretty much personifies everything that’s wrong with today’s (fake) country music…But that’s just me, I guess. If Waylon Jennings was still around, he’d bitchslap that guy back to Australia.

Calgary, current country music entertainer of the year. Not a big country fan, but he is a pretty good entertainer. Should be fun. Hopefully his wife comes along.

Finally! A great choice. As others have mentioned, not exactly my cup of tea personally, but the guy is an internationally known performer that helps with the profile of the game. Can see people from the southern US tuning in just for him. Great choice CFL.

Such a nice departure from unknown Canadian acts that are geared to 14 year old girls. Again, great move by the league or the organizing committee; whomever made the call