2019 Grey Cup build-up week

I find it hard to believe that, with all the Grey Cup history between these two teams, this is only the second time IN MY LIFE that they have played against each other in the big game.

Of course, the Bombers were in the East for quite a few years, so that does reduce the number of matchups.

…It’s a tough road to the big game…so many factors have dictated that the Bombers and Cats have not seen each other for a very long time…Always been a great rivalry…Bombers dominated especially under Bud Grant *a coach the Ti-Cats would like to forget…Should be a barn burner this Sun. and they just might have to burn something if the temp. takes a dip…Someone’s drought is gonna end…we shall see

....high of 4C, low of -4C...I expect at kick-off it'll be 3 or 4, then dip to around zero by cup award time...

…the wandering Glenns…

…live blog for those that are interested:

The line up for Spirit of Edmonton is ALREADY loooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnngggg

Always a highlight of Grey Cup week! Way to go Spirit of Edmonton!!

Too bad the line up to buy tickets for the game is reallllllllllllllly short. Game is not even sold out and there isn't even any added seating capacity. What if they would have added seats to get the capacity up around 50k. We'd be looking at a lot of empty seats.

Had a conference call with our Calgary office this AM.

7 people from Calgary on the call. 6 of them are CFL / Stamps fans, other is a millennial that loves the NFL.

When I asked who was going to the game, 3 of the stamps fans said they had tickets but sold them, the other 3 stamps fans said they were holding off until they saw if Calgary made it in the Cup. So they didn’t buy.

Of the 6 Stamps fans, NONE are going to the game.

Surprisingly enough, the Millennial said he WAS going … his first CFL game this year. Said he wants to go for the party and good time.

Something very telling in that.

We need more millenials like that person.

The times they are a changin’.

Either jump on, or get left behind…

In fairness, BC last hosted in 2014. Correct, it didn't sell out but there were still 52,056 people at a Grey Cup game! That's only a couple thousand shy of a sellout and it certainly looked full on TV. Part of the reason it didn't sell out was Grey Cup fatigue as BC hosted just 3 years earlier in 2011.

So Calgary Stampeder fans are letting us all down?


or millennial fans are saving the day.

depends on how you want to look at it.

I guarantee you nothing is being ruined though.

Speaking of millennials, a buddy of mine and his wife want to watch Grey Cup with me, so tasked me with finding out the best pubs in downtown Vancouver to watch the big game. I called Shark Club first.

So the young guy who answered the phone said they will have the game on in a side room. I said, “Side room? What about the main bar area with giants screens?” He said they’re showing the NFL there, probably the Patriots game. So I just said, “well that’s sad. Thank you. Goodbye” and hung up.

Fortunately, I’ve called quite a few downtown bars since that are showing it with sound, but I was naturally discouraged as that was the first place I called.

Thanks for the info. If and when I’m in Vancouver, I’ll make sure not to patronize the Shark Club.


Thanks for the info. If and when I'm in Vancouver, I'll make sure not to patronize the Shark Club.


Yea, the odd thing is they are a preferred bar of the BC Lions. A few times a year the club sponsors a road viewing party at the Shark Club. It’s not like the Seahawks are playing at the same time, FFS.

I’ve experienced a couple of other places in the Kitsilano neighbourhood not showing Grey Cup. One is Bimini, the other is Yagger. I told the guys that it’s pretty sad when he told me he’s showing NFL, adding rhetorically, "What country are we living in? So he comes back with, “As far as paying the bills, it’s NFL fans.”


For those not in the Greater Toronto Area, I’ll mention that Sportsnet 590 The Fan radio held their annual Grey Cup bashing broadcast yesterday.

Their twitter poll was “What will you REALLY be watching tomorrow night? The late afternoon NFL game and the Sunday night NFL game, or the Grey Cup.?

They smugly advised that (when I was listening at least) the results were 61% in favour of the NFL.

I emphasize that this is an ANNUAL event on this station.

I don’t understand why they seem to get such joy dumping on the CFL.
I never hear TSN 1050 radio dumping on OHL broadcasts.