2019 Grey Cup build-up week

…so down to this, two bruising teams that led much of the way this season…the longest GC droughts are on the line which is an incredible story itself…who wins? Who walks away with their championship woes intact? Should be a heck of a week…

Cats will definitely be the favourite. I would imagine Vegas will learn from making them a 4 point favourite against Edmonton and will possibly open as a 6 pt favourite.

I said it last week, and it bore true: The Cats average over 30 points a game while allowing fewer than 20. No reason to believe this trend will not continue.

The Bombers are better than the Esks, though, so it will be closer than the EF.

Hamilton 31-19.

It’s still not sold out at McMahon?
How far away?

Ticketmaster has a lot of tickets listed for sale. Of course the lowest ticket price available is $306 and that is 10 yards into the endzone and behind it.

Hopefully, with two teams with the longest Grey Cup droughts, the fans will be Psyched enough to buy tickets and go to the game.

…how would i know?

I suspect it won’t sell out … Closest team is Winnipeg which will have die hards.making the trip for sure as will the cats. But at that price point it will be difficult to see them selling out with both teams playing too far out for regular fans to drive.

BC had this happen previously and they couldn’t even give ticket away.

Will still be a great game and those going will enjoy a great one

…I dunno, it’s surprising how many closet Manitobans there are here…not the same number of relocated sask folk, but still a lot…you don’t see them, they’re sneakier, hiding amongst the group and then all of a sudden the Jets are in town playing the flames and BANG, there’s the quiet guy in a winnipeg jersey…same goes for the bombers…they’re amongst us…

Sounds like the set-up for a sci-fi horror flick

Local media, news etc?

So the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats have a Grey Cup rivalry second to only that of the Edmonton Eskimos andMontréal Alouettes! This is the way it’s transpired in recent years:

1953 - Hamilton 12 Winnipeg 6
1957 - Hamilton 32 Winnipeg 7
1958 - Winnipeg 35 Hamilton 28
1959 - Winnipeg 21 Hamilton 7
1961 - Winnipeg 21 Hamilton 14 (OT)
1962 - Winnipeg 28 Hamilton 27
1965 - Hamilton 22 Winnipeg 16
1984 - Winnipeg 47 Hamilton 17

The head-to-head comparison clearly favours the Bombers.


…ah, no, I haven’t heard anything local…

I go on the ticket master site to check. So far it is not sold out but it looks like a little over 1000 are left. Tough times in Alberta and high ticket prices. I’m a season ticket holder for years but $350 for my ticket on the 10 yard line is a little/a lot to steep. I’ll hit the Spirit of Edmonton room though. Usually a great bash!!!

It’s on my birthday, so it doesn’t matter! It will be a great matchup!

So whose TDs will Quick Six be celebrating on Sunday?


And for whom will Ralph the Dog be cheering?


A friend of mine was transferred to Calgary a number of years ago. A friend of his bought Grey Cup tickets, and when the Stamps lost, he told him that if the Ticats win, he’ll give him his tickets.
So I know someone who’ll be there.


that’s cheaper than the season ticket holder prices for the Hamilton Grey Cup at the 10 yard line (unless you are talking second level).

Not sold out. Still outer ring tickets available on Ticketmaster and select singles. Stubhub has many resale tickets available at better overall prices than Ticketmaster which is where I picked up my tickets today.

Found Section T, row 52 (around 35-40 yard line) tickets on Stubhub for $328 today. I expect even more cheaper resale tickets to show up on Stubhub as game day/time comes closer.

The Touchdown Manitoba event sold out as of yesterday I have been told by the BB contact I exchanged e-mails with today, but if someone knows how I can still get in to that event on Friday afternoon let me know! :wink:

All Grey Cup Calgary festival events listed here (many are free) for those making the pilgrimage:

I find your definition of “recent years? rather broad!